Friday, 24 August 2012

Who wants to go Back to School?

I have not been posting as regularly as I would like to recently, because I have been caught up with some home renovations.
I am one of those DIY-ers, you know the kind......watched every episode of Home and Garden, Yard Crashers, Spice up my Kitchen, Bath renovations, House Hunters, This Old House, etc.
I can answer most questions on home maintenance, tiling, building, painting, demolition, plumbing, wiring, irrigation, planting, composting, and on it goes.
I like to help myself, and with so many of these shows around, you can gain the know-how with the flick of a switch....uhm, sorry, the click of the remote. 
An honorary mention must also be made of the worldwide web and YouTube...what would we "once before novices" do without them?
My friends call me up whenever they have a question about dogs (I am also somewhat of a Dog Whisperer/vet expert), home repairs, vehicle maintenance, financing, where to locate stuff, phone numbers, anything......I seem to be the go-to person.....the information hub so to speak.
The conversation usually goes like this...
"Vee, I'm looking for a blue bucket, 10 inches deep with a big gold handle."
"Oh yeah, I saw one of those at the hardware in the south of the island, they also had pink, and it's on sale for $20.00, less 15% until the end of the month."
"Thanks Vee, I knew you would know where I could find one."
With that we hang up.  No big production, no small talk, no pretend conversation. Blue bucket has been located, end of story.
What was I saying....oh yes, I'm in the middle of a renovation, which I knew I could not complete on my own.  Had to hire some help. Well what do you know, good hired help is hard to find these days.
They come by and work on your job for maybe one day, and then the next day they're off on another job....leaving their tools with you for another three or four days, before they show up again, for another few hours, before heading off again.
House full of dust and debris, and an unfinished project on your hands.  We are now into week three.  No sign of them for the entire week four.  Week five and a half, they show up, but I've had enough. I have moved on. I can finish it off.....I'm a DIY-er.
It will take a bit longer, but I am more than capable.
Today I was working merrily on my own, when I realised that I needed some stuff from a city store.  I don't really favour going into the city to shop. It's crowded and noisy, and it takes time to park, and get to the store etc....
Anyway, I'm headed to the store, and I'm walking minding my own business, when suddenly this bell is being rung to catch my attention. I turn and look, and this is what I saw.....

A character hired by the store to advertise for Back to School savings. A school bell ringing loudly in one hand, BA-LING! BA-LING! and a broom to sweep away the high prices in the other.
His sign advertised the savings that could be had in the store.
When he saw me going for my phone, he cried out, "Take my picture, take my picture!", and with that he swung the sign to the other side which read "Explosive Performer. He who laughs last thinks slowest."
Didn't see any children dragging their mums' hands to go into the store.....I think he was scaring them away...he certainly made me laugh, but I was not inclined to go inside the store, not even to have a brief look around..
I left school many moons ago.....who wants to go Back to School anyway??


  1. How funny. I liked his saying too. I can vouch for your Mrs Fix-it skills as well. As for school I can think of nothing worse. I disliked school from day one to the day I left.

  2. Oh my, now my blog friends are going to call me Mrs.Fix-it, thanks to your cheekiness GB. I don't mind, they call me lots of other titles, so another one is all good.
    As a child I was anxious to go to school, and I kept pretend school with my dolls even on weekends when I was at home.


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