Saturday, 25 August 2012

I hear paper wrack-a-ling

Have you ever tried to do something quietly? Without drawing attention to yourself?  Not making too much noise?
Common, take your minds up out of the gutter.
You know how sometimes you want to camouflage a sneeze in a lecture hall when everyone is so attentive, you can hear a pin drop?
Taking your parent's car out of the garage for a spin by easing the handbrake down, and engaging cruise control?
Eating something decadent that you don't want to share?
I'll tell you a story.
Years ago, my auction buddies and I attended a Saturday morning sale. Usually there are sales people selling snacks on the outside, but this day in question, oddly they did not show up.
It's kinda hard to sit quietly after a certain time, and not favour the taste buds with at least a candy.
So there I was, sitting with my girlfriends, sharing some sweets amongst ourselves.
Trying desperately to open the candy without creating a stir, nor drawing attention to the fact that we were eating.
As fate would have it, the more quietly I tried to open the candy wrapper, the more noise it made.....what are the odds?
Then, lo and behold, a lady who was a staunch auction sale aficionado who was sitting in the row in front of us, turned around and announced, (I couldn't make this up if I tried), "I hear paper wrack-a-ling."
It was so funny, but we gave her one of the sweets to keep her quiet.
Last night reminded me of that Saturday morning. My daughter was sitting on the couch watching tv, and trying in vain to open and eat a raisin biscuit without Brownie hearing.
Brownie's ears work at optimum all the time, so she did not have a chance at fooling him. There she was sitting on the couch with her hands closed and her mouth quiet with no chewing, and he KNEW there was food around.
He had heard paper wrack-a-ling too.....

I KNOW you have something eating up there....

What have I got to do?  Jump through hoops?

He was eventually rewarded for being such a smart dog, and not giving up.
(Not any raisins though)


  1. Is it super-hearing or ESP? Dogs always seem to know when there's a treat around, don't they.

    1. It may be a bit of both Missy....I think Brownie knows that snacks take top priority when watching tv. That's why my daughter watches tv in her room mostly.
      Sometimes I wish I had ears like a dog, they hear EVERYTHING.

  2. So funny. My Mum used to tell the story of when she was at school and handed a piece of her cake to the girl in the next desk who blurted out "Yuck. Caraway seeds!". You can imagine the consequences.

    1. GB, that is funny....I hoped they remained friends after that.

  3. Yes, we do the same thing here trying so hard not to attract the attention of our new dog, Albert. He does however have the most incredible hearing, and we just never are able to put one over on him. It is amazing isn't it? Where food is concerned, they are remarkably gifted listeners!

  4. Bernie, I have read that a dogs' hearing can be ten times more sensitive than ours. I guess that's why they howl at the ice cream van, it's really too loud and annoying for them.
    With that kind of hearing, it will never be possible in this lifetime or the next to pull one over on our canine friends where food is concerned.
    Actually Brownie can hear the pantry door being opened "super quietly" from the patio...totally impossible to sneak a snack.


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