Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Rain rain go away....come again another day

It rained all day today.....not even  a brief respite of sunshine ....just rain, rain and  more rain.
From the moment I opened my eyes, I heard the raindrops beating down....not a day to open up the windows, not even a tiny bit.  Drab and grey, cold and wet, not my kind of day at all.

There were lots of gusty winds as well.   Tropical Storm Isaac was passing farther north of the island, headed towards the Lesser Antilles, so we were experiencing some of the effects of the outer bands. 
Dark, menacing clouds enveloped  the Carnival Victory as it arrived in port.
I felt so sorry for the tourists aboard that ship. They had been looking forward to visiting the island and enjoying all it had to offer, including our famous sun, sea and sand......but not today......what a bummer.
Must have been a rough sea crossing too, for there were lots of squalls and choppy waves.
All aboard must have been very happy to cruise into port....what's that old saying..."Any port in a storm?"

Rain up north........rain down south...........everywhere.......... rain, rain, rain

There she goes..........Arrived in the rain.......departed in the rain

If I were a tourist, I would feel cheated. I'd want my money back.
Years ago, The Barbados Tourism Authority sponsored The Barbados Perfect Weather Guarantee for travel during May - December. They were so sure that perfect weather would prevail, that travelers were given cash back when the weather in Barbados was not perfect. Once the traveler had registered at no cost after purchasing their vacation package, they could participate.  If the weather did not cooperate, they would receive $100.00 for every day the temperature fell below an average of 78 degrees Fahrenheit and an accumulation of more than a quarter-inch of rain.

Couldn't risk a promotion like that these days....the weather pattern worldwide has changed drastically, there is just no guarantee that the weather will be perfect for any given time......c'est la vie!!!


  1. A Perfect Weather Guarantee? WOW! That's confidence! We've had a moist, mild end to August that has been a wonderful respite from a hot, dry summer. I'm hoping for a cold, snowy winter.

  2. Tammy, I don't do cold very well....I have only been in the snow when I absolutely had to with my job. I have told all my US friends and family not to die in the winter, if they do, I won't be able to attend their funerals!!
    I prefer the warmth of a bright sunny day, but not overheated.
    I hope VA won't be cold when I'm there this time around, the weather last year was lovely when I visited.

  3. Rainy is one thing. Rainy and cold, not for me! I would have felt cheated too.

    1. I'm going to make sure that the weather is exceptionally beautiful whenever you visit the island.....yes, I've got connections.....

    2. I'm going to make sure that the weather is exceptionally beautiful whenever you visit the island.....yes, I've got connections.....

  4. I wondered how you were faring. I heard about the storm in connection with the Antilles but wasn't too sure how far that was from you. Stay safe and dry, and hopefully you will have sunshine again soon.

  5. Thanks for your concerns Marisa...we are safe for now. I have friends in the other islands so I will be keeping in touch with them to make sure they're okay.
    Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow.

  6. A weather guarantee? What an amazing thought. On Lewis I would certainly guarantee that a visitor would have weather. Plenty of weather as a rule: possibly four seasons in a day. I suspect that one would have to go to very particular places (like the Sahara) for a weather guarantee these days.

  7. Yes, we did pay vacationers for bad weather many years ago, interesting concept, but sadly non applicable now.
    Your weather sure does have a mind of its four seasons in one day...I couldn't keep up.


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