Sunday, 12 August 2012

One of my favourite places

Even though I live on an island, and I'm surrounded by beautiful sea and sand, one of my favourite places is a lovely plant nursery in the north of the island.
You already know the drill by now.....that's right......come on, say it.......I'll help you....."Saturday is girls day out" so......yesterday was Saturday, so.......come on............. out with it........I know you know.........."The girls were out together having fun."
Yes, we visited one of my favourite places on the island.......Caribbean Plants.

Now, I must tell you that I can easily get carried away at this nursery, but I was a very good girl. I walked all around taking photos, and chattering away with the two guys who work there.
Let's wander around and see what there is to see, shall we??
No need for me to say anything......the plants say it all....please enjoy.

It's like a jungle in there

Would you be able to choose just one?

Kinda hard isn't it?

And here is Baje, who INSISTED that I include his photo in this post.

Are you tired yet?  Save some energy to view these lovely pots.

Are you carried away yet?


  1. Phew. What a healthy looking lot of plants. I assume that getting things to grow is not an issue in Barbados. On this Island the growing season is so short.

  2. Believe me, there were LOTS more photos, but I could not post them all.
    Most plants that are suited to our heat do really well, but like most gardeners, I always try to grow those plants that are best suited to colder climes, just because I can. It's so good to tempt fate this way, especially when the plants survive and thrive really well.


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