Friday, 31 August 2012

A Worky Worky day

Yesterday when I woke up, I thought I was going to spend part of the day refurbishing/reupholstering my office chair, but little did I know that things would not go according to they ever???

On entering my office, and reaching to open the window, I realised that the screen was dirty, so I decided that I would wash the screen off.   Outside I traipsed, and gave it a good wash-off with the hose.

After removing the screen, I saw that the window grille had a few minor rust spots, so I decided to sand it and repaint it.

Between the coats of paint, I used an old painter's trick..

Stored the paintbrush in a secured plastic bag safely on the the bristles would not dry out between painting

Freshly painted window grille

Of course, it was only natural that the window would need to be cleaned as well....obviously.

When I looked at the sill, it just didn't look fresh enough, so I decided to paint the window sill and frame.

All finished.....a nice clean outlook on the world.
(You can't even see the screen, it's so clean)

Wow, how did I get myself involved in these maintenance chores today?  I was supposed to be covering my office chair with new fabric.....maybe tomorrow.
Talk about a worky worky day.


  1. That sounds like just the sort of day that happens to me. Now what was I in the process of doing when I got sidetrscked into reading blogs?

    (Like the painter's tip - handy!)

  2. I remember both you and GB having days like this sometimes....things get done, but not the things you set out to do. Maybe it's an over 50 thing....teehee.
    Glad you liked the tip.
    You can also use a rubber band stretched across the top of the can to prevent drips from messing up the lip of the can.

  3. Ha ha. That is so like the majority of my days although I'm not sure that I ever achieve quite as much. I used to tie a piece of string to prevent drips but an elastic band sounds much easier.


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