Thursday, 30 August 2012


After falling and damaging my scar-prone skin yesterday, it was only fair to me, myself, and I, that I should venture out to cheer myself up.
There was a Sunset Jazz Concert and CD Launch at the Frank Collymore Hall, which I had wanted to attend, and I decided to stick to my plans. After all, I had been looking forward to the performance for many weeks.
Now, I don't know how many times I have mentioned that I LOOOVE jazz, so I was not about to let any HUGE bruise and painful shin keep me away from my jazz sireee!!
Not only that,"The Hall" as it is affectionately known, is closed during the month of September for maintenance and repairs, so this was the last concert for a while.

"The Original Unit" jazz trio was launching their first cd, "Present Day", along with a musical presentation, and I needed to be there.

  Stefan, David & Neil

 From the programme: "The Original Unit is a Barbadian jazz trio consisting of pianist Stefan Walcott, bassist Neil Newton, and drummer David Carnegie. Their music combines elements of Caribbean music, straightahead jazz, soul, electronica and free improvisation.
David, Stefan and Neil started playing together at Harrison College and went on to pursue music at The Barbados Community College and in the UK.
This project came about because it was the fist time in more than a decade that the three of them were going to be in the same place long enough to record an album. This album draws on their myriad musical experiences, shared and otherwise, and is hopefully the first of many together."

These guys played exceptionally well together.  All of the songs were composed by them, and the programme only included one cover, "Well you Needn't" by Thelonious Monk.
Stefan played the piano with a comfortable style, while Neil played his bass guitar with grace, and David played the drums with such ease, that they all three had me captivated all evening.

Even though it was all new music, it seemed as if they had been playing together forever, each feeding off of the other in a true symbiotic relationship.

I know I have mentioned before that learning to play a musical instrument is on my Bucket List. I was leaning towards the steel pan, but after last night's performance, I think I'm going to buy a drum set.
The drummer David Carnegie made playing the drums look so effortless, and EASY.

All I can say is, the evening was magical, the music was captivating, and if I had to sum up the performance in one was........SWEET!!!!


  1. I have a feeling that I have the Miles Davis version of Well You Needn't but I really prefer the piano version.

    1. Have no idea why I didn't see this comment before now.
      I have some Miles Davis music, but it does not include Well You Needn't.


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