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AGROFEST is the National Agricultural Exhibition in Barbados, sponsored annually by the Barbados Agricultural Society (BAS).  It is the premier Agricultural Exhibition in Barbados, attracting large numbers of local and international patrons with exhibitors displaying a variety of livestock, vegetables, flowers, plants, craft items and educational items.
It is held in Queen's Park, a lovely location in the Bridgetown area.
Nine years ago, agricultural officials were faced with the dilemma of how to once more get Barbadians excited about agriculture and livestock farming.
As a child growing up, there was a large Annual Agricultural Exhibition which showcased all the best livestock and farming produce on the island. It became extinct, since many folk were drifting away from farming, especially the younger ones, who preferred the "collar and tie" jobs over the "fork and hoe" jobs.
In order to reintroduce this exhibition, the BAS think tanks reinvented the concept and it became instant success. From its inauguration in 2005, it has blossomed into one of the most popular events on the local calendar attracting thousands of patrons every year, both young and old.
This year's exhibition was held from February 22-24, 2013 with the theme "Renewable Energy:Leading the Charge into the Future."
Yesterday afternoon, I set off to enjoy myself at this year's exhibition, and enjoyed myself I did.
There was so much to see and do.
I wish I could show you everything, but it's quite impossible to do so.

No need to worry, no smoking is permitted in the park during the exhibition...nice clean air, so come on, let's go.

 Renewable and sustainable energy setup
Note the solar panels on the roof of the display
Biogas digester produces enough energy to........ a battery which in turn can power a multitude of home equipment


Get back to growing your own food

Seedlings of every herb imaginable
 Produce from the land

 Easy planting setup

All manner of farmyard equipment
 Chickens or as we call them here "fowls" and "fowl cocks"

 Rabbits...aren't they adorable?
Schools are becoming more involved, and some now have full agricultural programmes, or are implementing agricultural projects, like building rabbitries.
There is also a school garden competition which is getting bigger every year.



"I am taking home a ribbon today"
Barbados black belly sheep


Sheep judging competition

 Time for an afternoon siesta


Wonder where these two are off to?

Oh yes, the children's play area

The kids were having a great time on the mechanical bull

There was a children's Petting Zoo area as well.

This little one was intrigued by the turtle
"Does it have teeth?"

All kinds of fish surrounded by kids  yearningly asking, "Mummy can I have one?

It was impossible to take in everything, but of course you know, I HAD to find the plants and the floral displays by the Barbados Horticultural Society.

 So many patrons wandering by, I had to wait a while before I could snap these photos quickly.

 Leaving it all behind

 So many areas that I did not get the chance to view like the interactive educational workshops, the demonstrations on plant care & flower arranging, and talks highlighting the journey of agricultural products from the farm to the table.

The exhibition is a great networking tool, and provides the perfect opportunity to meet local vegetable and fruit farmers, livestock farmers, fishermen, as well as persons involved in horticulture and other areas of agriculture.

According to our Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Agricultural Society (BAS), James Paul, "it is arguably the best organised agricultural show in the Caribbean."

I hope that you enjoyed this tour of AGROFEST 2013 with me.


  1. wow what a comprehensive show - I loved those flower arrangements...

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, but it was quite impossible to show all of it. The flower arrangements are always a hit with us plant lovers. I did not even take photos of them all, too many people. I should have visited earlier in the day.

  2. Gosh - your feet must have been tired at the end of that (and your photographing finger). I love agricltural shows - thanks for showing us around and rminding me that we have a Cheshire Show. I last went about ten years ago. I must see when it is this year and see if I can get someone to take me. (Hint, to Partner-who-loves-tea).

    1. I was only tired because I was out until late the night before. There are roughly 250 stalls, and I covered about 60 of them.
      My photographing finger never gets tired, only the camera. When I saw the Dead Battery message on the camera, I just finished up the photo taking with my phone.
      Glad you enjoyed the tour. I hope you get to visit the Cheshire Show with Jo. Do you need me to drop a BIG hint for you?

  3. Like CJ I love agricultural shows although it's not the agriculture per se that interests me most but all the things that accompany it. I used to take the children to the local A & P Show here in Hawkes Bay: I must have blogged about it surely. Must look. I've never been to the Cheshire Show nor to Scotland's premier show. Possibly this year is the time to remedy that.

  4. Oops. Sorry. Forgot to say how much I enjoyed going round your show. And thanks for the inspiration and incentive to think about some closer to home.

    1. I'm glad that your enjoyed the AGROFEST tour GB.
      I hope that both you and CJ will get the chance to visit some agricultural shows this year....keeping my fingers and toes crossed for both of you.
      Your shows sound interesting too, so I'll be looking out for your posts on all that you attend.

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