Tuesday, 12 February 2013

And the beat goes on......

As the election campaign heats up, the neighbourhood has been inundated with several motorcades of both political parties "advising" us which party we should vote for.
I found myself tapping my feet and singing along to some of the catchy tunes that are being broadcast by the loud speakers on the trucks.
The weekend was a lively time, and Sunday afternoon was no exception.
Both parties, namely the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) and the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) were out in full force. 
The BLP colour is red while the DLP's colour is yellow.
The BLP motorcade passed by with several trucks and cars in their complement.

The LOUD speakers (do you see the size?) on truck number 1

Faithful BLP supporters follow on truck number 2

 Truck number 3
More faithful BLP supporters dancing and waving flags on the truck while the announcer on the loud speaker encourages us, the voters to vote "Red because things dread."(dire)

I was not in time to take photos of the DLP's motorcde, but believe me they were doing their thing too.
How many more days of this?  Oh yes, nine more to go!!  


  1. Your election campaigns are much more entertaining than ours. We just get bombarded with terrible television ads over & over & over.
    I would like to see our local candidate on the back of a truck with music.

  2. Yes, our election campaigns are VERY VERY entertaining. We are also bombarded with radio spots and tv ads, and lots of print media.
    However, the motorised campaigning is what takes the cake.


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