Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Election Eve

It's the night before the election, and the air is filled with lots of noise...not the constant chirping of the crickets, nor the noisy kites that are left staked out at night by the kids in the neighbourhood, but the noise of both political parties making the most of the last moments by canvassing late into the night.
My ears are being assaulted, and the loudspeakers bombard the tranquility inside my home.  It certainly can't be aimed at me, so it surely must be aimed at the undecideds.
Thank goodness this madness will be over tomorrow....oh my not quite, because after the results are announced,  the winning party will have several victory motorcades and victory rallies for days and nights afterwards.
The polls open at 6am tomorrow, and there are lots of rules that must be adhered to.
Tomorrow,  no sales of alcohol are allowed from 6am-6pm (opening and closing times for the polls), so rest assured that some happy folks will be stocking up on their liquor intake from tonight.
The party faithfuls will be busy while we are asleep, since every single flyer that has been affixed to all light poles, as well as the buntings need to be removed before 6am tomorrow.
Flyers, flags, buntings are forbidden for tomorrow, since these may cause some influence on those who are still undecided.
Tonight I am going to sleep and dream of a fairy-tale ending to all this madness.

It must be noted that the latest Caribbean Development Research Services (CADRES) poll suggests that tomorrow's election is simply too close to call. 


  1. I already know the result as I read this but the process of elections and government has always been of academic and professional interest to me.

    1. I know you would have enjoyed the election happenings here GB.
      I'm glad that I could add to your academic and professional knowledge base.


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