Saturday, 16 February 2013

Live a good life

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, and I was happy about that.
My friends and I gathered to celebrate the good life of our friend....our friend who was no longer with us.  We all knew that we were honoured to have had him in our lives, if only for a while.

The church where the service was held, is located in the southern parish of Christ Church.
It is one that I have visited on several occasions before, but yesterday it reminded me of a castle with its ramparts....a castle fit for a king.

 Christ Church parish church
The stained glass inlay of the chapel is secured and protected by a wire encasing from the outside.

A lovely service as a tribute to his life was held, and I was happy about that too.
With our saddened hearts, we were reminded that we should live our lives the good way, the right way, the honourable way. Our friend was a perfect example of living a good life, setting an example for others with his deeds.
We will miss him dearly.
Rest in peace Tony, we will always treasure your memory in our hearts forever.

One of my favourite uplifting songs is "Only for a while" by Anita Baker.


  1. It does look like a castle - and sounds like your friend got a worthy send-off. I always find nice weather helpful too (for the living), it sort of helps to balance the sadness and the day easier to look back on afterwards.

    1. Yes, the bright sunny day was a nice touch, especially since he had a sunny disposition as well.
      I will do a few more church posts in the future...the architecture is so different for each one.

  2. I'm not a religious person but I do love and cherish churches and am a supporter of their upkeep because of the historical part they have played in our societies: however good or bad that part might have been. So it saddens me to see the iron grid which is presumably necessary to prevent vandalism. It always seemed to me that (apart from the Reformation and the sacking of the monasteries which were all done in the name of religion anyway) churches were exempt from vandalism and theft. Alas that is no longer the case and trying to get inside to see many is very difficult because they are kept locked. One wonderful irony I came across in France was the Cathedral at Saint Foy La Grande which is open every day except Sundays when it is only open for the Mass.

  3. Churches are no longer exempt from vandalism and theft..a true breakdown in society. I remember when the Alms box at our church door was stolen when I was younger.
    The stained glass scene inside the Christ Church church was absolutely beautiful, so even though the iron casing is an eyesore, I understand fully why it has to be there.
    Only a handful of churches now remain open during the day to accommodate the tourists taking photos.


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