Monday, 11 February 2013

The arrival of Brownie

Today, marks exactly one year that Brownie came to live with me.
After "Mums" was placed in an elderly hospice, there was no one to look after her dog, and so I ended up with Brownie.

It was a sunny Saturday morning when I collected him.  Scared to ride in a vehicle for the first time, he settled into a corner in the back of Beast and shuddered all the way home.

Arriving, I gently lifted him out, while reassuring him it was okay. He quickly ran into the back garden, and started snooping around in every nook and  cranny.

 I'm not so sure about this big garden thing

He seemed to like the cool of under the bridge, and spent quite a while sniffing around under there.
When he got to the dog house however, he was a bit apprehensive to go inside, but did venture to the entrance.
My daughter was of the opinion that since the dog house may have held the recent scent and spirit of my bow wow clan, he may have felt uncomfortable.  I think she may have been right, for no matter how many times I cleaned it and encouraged him to eat his meals inside, he was not having any of it.

This visit seems to be taking forever.  Is this where I'm going to be now?

After a bath, he was as happy as a bug in a rug.  His tail was not droopy anymore, and he actually gave me a few tail wags. I knew that everything was going to be okay.  This was a BIG change for him, and it would take some time to get accustomed to his new home.

Still uncertain of the camera, but still taking a moment to pose for me.
Note the dirt on his elbows and under his neck after rolling around in the garden with half-dried hair following his bath.

Okay, I've looked all around....where's my lunch?

I am so happy that he came to live with me.  He has been my life saviour.....rescuing me from mental depression, I'm sure.
It has been a very interesting year for both of us.
I have observed him experiencing new things for the first time just like a baby. From his wonderment of the feel of tiles under his feet, slipping and  sliding at first, to his discovering that he could push aside the curtain at the door with his body and walk outside whenever he wished. 
The hum of the vacuum and the noise of the tv no longer bothers him, and he has learned that inside the house is not his private ensuite.
What a great pal he has become, he keeps an eye on us and makes sure that we are not in any danger, and warns us if we need to be alerted.  He is truly a treasure. 
Thanks Brownie!!!


  1. He is such a lovely boy. What great companions our dogs are.

  2. I am so GLAD that he is in my life...I am thankful every day for him.


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