Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Tooth Begone

When my tooth broke off a while ago, (yes the said tooth that was scheduled for a root canal) the visit to my dentist was not a happy story.
Apparently, what was left of the tooth  needed a dental surgeon to take care of it, which my dentist was not.
I was referred to a notable dental surgeon on the island, who according to my dentist, "performs these surgeries everyday. He will get it out Lickety Split!"
So off I traipsed to said dental surgeon full of hope, but yet quite timid at going to see someone new.  I don't like any and everyone poking around in my mouth, but I'm like that.
However, after his consultation, I was not in a happy place.
According to the esteemed dental surgeon, the surgery needed would involve a dose of laughing gas to sedate me, and then an intricate surgery to get the remnant tooth out.....a grand total of $800.00....OUCH!

Yes, $400.00 for the laughing gas, and another $400.00 for the surgery.
I came away from that appointment literally laughing my head off.

My daughter, my personal comedian (aren't all kids?), informed me that "maybe you were paying for the whole canister of laughing gas Mum!"   Very funny. Very funny indeed.
Daughter dear then went on to tell me that if she had been informed that the cost of the laughing gas was $400.00, her response to the surgeon would have been, "ha, ha, ha, ha, I'm laughing already!!"

You all know I love the environment, and I always try in my small way to reduce my carbon footprint on the earth.
Since I was not in any pain, and I was not too keen on the laughing gas, I more or less put the broken tooth on the back burner.
Maybe I would have to go back to the old time methods......hmmmmm....

Needless to say, a couple of weeks ago, I decided that it was time to take care of the broken tooth.
Here, on the island, we are entitled to free medical attention, which I never use. So guess what? I made an appointment for the tooth,

....... and today the tooth is no more.
A lovely lady dentist took the tooth out "Lickety Split", there was no pain, and no laughing gas, and in less than 5 minutes.
So how about that?

Anyone know the going rate of half a tooth from the Tooth Fairy?


  1. I loved that story - having a tooth pulled is no laughing matter. That half a tooth might be worth something - she certainly seems to leave a lot more these days than I ever got :)

    1. In this case I got the last laugh. I think I may have lost out on a small fortune from the tooth fairy....awww shucks.

  2. It's situations like that that give dentists a bad name. My New Zealand family has a dental practice. I've not known laughing gas being used since I was 16 - a very long time ago! Mind you I had my wisdom teeth removed in hospital and my face was so swollen and painful I grew a beard. That was before my children were born. I've had a beard ever since.

    1. Honestly, I had never heard of a dental laughing gas treatment until that consultation. I have had dental surgery previously with not a hint of any kind of gas...human or else.
      I don't seem to have any wisdom teeth, they never showed up it seems, so maybe I'm not so wise after all!
      I feel for you with what you went through to have yours removed....now I know when and why the famous beard came about....but I like your beard, makes you look wise...smile.

  3. Ouch indeed. I've never had or heard of laughing gas used by dentists here in my lifetime. I do remember a few teeth being pulled out as a rather messy affair though. I'm glad it ended well for you.

    1. That was the first time I had heard of it being used in a dental treatment....I was very surprised. Thanks for your sentiments, I'm glad it ended well for me too.

  4. It was a relief that you had another option, which is to avail free medical attention. I’m happy that you no longer have any problems with your teeth. By the way, I love how you wrote this story down. Thanks for sharing, Virginia!

    -Gus Eckles

    1. Hi Gus, glad you enjoyed my Tooth Begone story.
      Thanks for stopping by, and also for your kind comment.

  5. There will always be unavoidable things that can happen to us, which tend to pile up and get worse if left unattended. In your case, it's dental treatment. I hope the process wasn't too arduous for you.

    Jamie DeFinnis @ Back Mountain Dental

  6. Oh, the dental expense could come as painful as the ache of a broken tooth itself! Too bad the tooth fairy doesn’t apply to adults. Haha! This is why we’ve got to take care of our teeth, as you’ll be surprised that something as simple as cavities would later require an expensive root canal procedure. Take care!

    Calandra Novak @ Mullaloo Dental Centre


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