Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Tears in heaven

We all have friends who are dear to us, and we treasure their friendship wholeheartedly.
Yesterday, I lost one of my dear friends.  One whom I held in high regard.
His wife and I are great friends, and I immediately "took to him" the same way.
In his book, I was the "blamee" for lots of incidents.  When his wife came home with an armful of shopping, he somehow "knew" that she had been with me, even if she wasn't......."You and Virginia were out again, weren't you?"  "What has she gotten you into this time?"
Not a word of malice on his part, but playful teasing that always made us laugh.
Calling on the phone for my girlfriend, and he answered the phone, a lovely conversation ensued, sometimes we could easily forget that it was she, and not he that I had called for.
A decent gentleman with never a raised voice, he commanded a respect that was well deserved.
He loved dogs, and when a cute little puppy from one of my bow wow litters was chosen to fill their home with cheer, it was him that "Puffy" adored.  Many mornings, it was just him and Puff having breakfast of eggs and ham at the kitchen table.

Yesterday I lost my friend, and I know that he has gone to be with all my other dear friends who have left this world.
I am going to miss him.  I am going to miss being the "blamee."
Our circle of friends will be missing a link, but his spirit will be with us forever.

There he is on the right, fork in hand,with his endearing smile.
We went hiking and plant hunting that day on a large forest of land belonging to our good friend.
We had just emerged from one section of the property back on to the roadside when I insisted on taking this photo.  I am glad that I did.

Yesterday, there were tears of joy in heaven, as he was welcomed home.
Rest in peace Tony, you will be fondly remembered always.


  1. A nice tribute. It is asuch a blow to lose someone whose rhythm of life accords with one's own. But Tony was obviously the sort of man who will live on in the memories of those whose lives he touched.
    Thinking of you and your friend at this sad time.

  2. Thank you for your kind sentiments CJ, I have relayed them to my girlfriend. . We will all miss Tony..... he was a shining light in our lives. Our, lives were all the better for having knowing him.

  3. So sorry for your loss of a friend (and for his wife for the loss of her husband).
    Lovely memorial post though. Keep treasuring the good memories.

  4. Thanks for your kind sentiments Monica.
    He was a good person, and we will definitely miss him.


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