Monday, 18 February 2013

The beat is still going on!

Yesterday, Sunday afternoon, I finally managed to capture some photos of the Democratic Labour Party's (DLP) election motorcade in my neighbourhood.
Four trucks filled with loyal supporters all dancing and waving flags while the catchy election songs blared from the loud speakers.

Motorcades also include cyclists and cars

Four trucks on a mission

I barely caught these photos in time before they were gone again.


  1. We just get a person banging on the door at our election time. He/she asks which way one is going to vote. One refuses to say on the basis that one's vote is one's own business (or, on principal, one says the opposite party to theirs to mess up their canvassing figures) and they go away - it's a strange British ritual!

    1. Have no fear CJ, the banging on the doors was earlier up in the campaign. They have already canvassed the neighbourhood door to door asking us for our vote.
      They ask us our concerns, and we tell them, and they make the usual promises.
      At least the representative that is in now made good on his promise to resurface our road and rectify the drainage problem.
      I like your strategy of messing up the canvassing, very smart, but naughty too!!

  2. My two nearest neighbours on Lewis in Scotland are both friends and local Councillors. It's a strange world given my views on politicians in general.

  3. GB you seem to be surrounded by all the right folks to get things done...lucky you????


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