Sunday, 14 April 2013

A jazzy evening at an old fort

Friday evening I attended a jazz event sponsored by the National Cultural Foundation.
Billed as E-Create Barbados Cultural Industries Symposium & Showcase 2013 - Bajan Soundtrack, Side B, it's goal was to showcase and promote local Bajan talent to invited guests (key persons in the visual and music industries) from Brazil and the USA.
Given that technology is an integral part in developing and fostering the Barbados-Brazil/USA connection, the NCF also included the tech community into this Symposium, with the aim of generating business for Bajan artistes in Brazil and the USA in both areas.

Featured artistes were: Gabby, Arturo Tappin, Terry "Mexican" Arthur & Friends, Debbie Reifer, Kellie Cadogan, 1688 Orchestra, Christal Austin, Nikita, NJ30 jazz Band, and Music Will Play.

Knowing the "going home from work traffic" was going to be a headache, I set off in a timely manner in order to arrive early at the event, which was held at the Old Charles Fort of the Hilton Hotel.

This new Hilton Hotel replaces the old Hotel which was imploded back in 1999.
It is situated on Needham's Point,  a peninsular surrounded by 2 lovely beaches.
 Looking across the bay (Carlisle Bay) towards the city of Bridgetown in the fading evening light
The sun had decided it had had enough for one day, and was already retiring......
.....but these tourists had other ideas.

It was getting late, and still no sign of my girlfriends....I continued to wander around.
The 350-year old Charles Fort was a military fort back in the 17th century, and had been elegantly decorated for the evening's event.
Despite this, I couldn't help but notice the evidence of the fortification all along the ramparts of the fort.
We must remember that Barbados was once an important British military base, and was used to protect its colonies in the South Caribbean.

All original cannons

The best preserved specimens had recognisable markings such as this raised crest.

.......and were also numbered.

I found this baby cannon fascinating.
Another interesting fact to take note of: Barbados has the world's rarest collection of 17th century English iron cannon.

It was getting late, so I made my way over to the stage area to find a good vantage point for the performance.

When my girlfriends finally arrived, we were treated to a lovely evening of music. Once again, patrons were not allowed to film or photograph any of the performers, hence no photos.
Arturo Tappin has made a name for himself as a jazz artiste worldwide with his saxophone, and I must admit that I have all of his cds. His performances never disappoint....ever.
You can have a peep at Arturo performing at a previous jazz event here.
I tip my hat to the young musicians who performed, I am very proud of them. 
There was the NJ30 Jazz Band, a 4 piece jazz band, which was formed only one year ago, and did a wonderful job. I will be keeping both eyes on them.
The 1688 Orchestra also did a splendid job and left an indelible impression on me...but then again they usually do.
Terry "Mexican" Arthur & Friends shone as well. Terry is an exceptional pannist, and I love his renditions of various covers. His nickname "Mexican" comes from his wearing different sombreros every time he plays.
Music Will Play is a band  of guys who come together every Sunday morning at Browne's Beach under a certain tree, and create music all day long. They were the most experienced band for the evening and it showed in their musical ability.
The ladies, Debbie, Christal, Kellie and Nikita, held their own as well, and crooned many jazz standards throughout the performance.
We have a lot of talent on the island, and I am in total agreement with showcasing it to the world.

On our way back to where we had parked, we walked through the hotel lobby......

.........glancing into a few of the shops.
Loved the red bows on the potted golden palm

I especially loved this glass room divider with lovely Bajan sayings etched into the glass.

Tek time en' laziness (taking your time isn't laziness)

I believe that the aim to generate business for Bajan artistes in Brazil and the USA was achieved as planned with the evening's performances. I wish all the performers well.
It was a lovely enlightening and jazzy evening.


  1. Another great musical evening. You do well with them. Arturo is certainly an enthusiastic and talented exponent of his art. I think that the solo saxophonist has so much to thank Charlie Parker for when he championed the break from the big bands.

    1. There are always so many cultural events being staged on the island, sometimes it's hard to decide which ones to attend. As you may have realised by now, I always try to go out to the jazz favourite.
      Arturo lives just up the street from my house, and I am so happy for the way he has made his passion his livelihood, and made himself a worldwide sensation.

  2. Oh gosh that does sound like fun, and it was an outdoor concert? I love that saying I reckon most of us need to do that occasionally.

    1. Yes, a lovely outdoor concert, surrounded by folks who love jazz like I do...a very nice evening out.
      I must share some of the other Bajan sayings in a post.

  3. Sounds like a good evening. That is the crest of George III on the cannon. I wonder what action it sawe over the years?

  4. Thanks so very much for the identity of the crest CJ. I was wondering about it, and wanted to research it a bit, but you came through for me....did I say thanks? THANK YOU!!


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