Wednesday, 10 April 2013

What's all the noise about?

Early this morning, the trees are alive with the sound of .........NOISE!

Brazen is irate about something, who knows what all the fuss is about with that crazy bugger?

After it had been going on for some time, I grabbed the camera and shot a couple of videos for your enjoyment.

Brazen chattering away making all the noise in the world
(You can hear the others in the background)

The Urban Dictionary describes monkey chatter as: The noise that comes from a person's mouth when they go on and on about nothing or when a person simply seem to talk to hear their own voice.

What do you think????


  1. Sounds almost like a dog barking in the first one!

  2. Brownie can never make as much noise as Mr. Brazen and company. They all out-bark him when they get started.

  3. You do wonder what they seem to be chattering about don't you? Love to hear the sounds in your part of the world!

    1. It's only sometimes that they behave like this...I think Brazen is quarreling or cursing the heavens...who really knows?
      Outside is dry and no food to be found, so they're probably hungry and thirsty.

  4. Noisy lot. I'd certainly be curious as to what they were on about.

    1. You should have heard the NOISE when the troop was up to ten way back when.......
      I must ask the trapper why they make such a ruckus.
      I just hope Brazen is not announcing to the world that his mate is pregnant.


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