Monday, 8 April 2013

The centipede Real Easter Luncheon

I have a story to tell.
In order for you to take it all in, I have to start at the beginning, so here goes.
I have a girlfriend who is a fantastic cook and a mixologist extraordinaire whom I have mentioned previously.
A couple of weeks ago when I met up with her while out shopping, she had commented that I was still wearing around my gold jewelry.  We stood and chatted for quite some time at the market that day.

Apparently at that time, she had been stung by a centipede on her foot, and had just dealt with it at home.
She told me that she was lying in her bed, when she felt the sting on her foot. Jumping up, she just flung whatever it was out of the bed, but when she looked and saw it was a centipede, she got up quickly and killed the critter.
Being allergic did not help her situation, and her foot became seriously infected.

As her foot started to get worse, she visited the doctor who then sent her to the hospital for medical care which resulted in having an operation on her foot. My poor girlfriend was in the hospital for a few days before I found out.
I'm not really a hospital person, so I kept in contact via cell phone calls and texts.

When Easter day rolled around, and she was still in the hospital, I called to cheer her up, and wished her "Happy Easter" and told her to make the best of the hospital food.
After that she said to me, "When I get out of here, I will be having a proper Easter, this sucks!"
The poor girl spent an entire week in the hospital before being discharged.

The next thing I know, I'm being invited to an Easter luncheon to celebrate according to her, "my real Easter."
So it was, yesterday afternoon after feeding Brownie an early lunch, I headed off to celebrate  with her and family and friends, two of whom had just had birthdays. Yes, birthday cakes were featured (sorry no photos).
When we all get together like this, we all chip in with whatever is on the menu. This time all the food items were taken care of, so I only had to take some drinks to the event.

On the menu: Rice/chicken Pelau, Macaroni Pie, Shepherds Pie, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Baked Chicken, Ham, Turkey, Tossed Salad
See the big plastic bottle with the blue cover?  Potent, one glass only Rum Punch

 Shepherds Pie Extraordinaire

I had such a lovely time that I forgot to take lots more photos.
However, I did remember to get a photo of the foot which was the reason we were all gathered together in the first place.

"The Foot" healing nicely!!!

The venom of a centipede can kill small animals, and can be quite toxic to humans with allergies.
I have recommended that she sprays her surroundings with Demon EC, and this will keep all critters at bay.

  In the meanwhile, "Happy Real Easter Folks!!"


  1. I had no idea centipedes were toxic... Looking them up now, I think what we sometimes call centipedes here are probably caterpillars and I'm not sure I ever saw a real one...

    1. Yes, a centipede can strike fear in any islander, their venom is dangerous...just like a scorpion. Believe me you don't need to see a real one...count yourself lucky.

      There is a photo in this post.

  2. I hope your friend is all fine soon - how nasty! ...and by the way if I lived closer you'd have an extra for next Easter. That food looks yummy. (I'd bring a dessert);-)

    1. I'll pass on your get-well wishes to my girlfriend.
      She didn't want me to bring a dessert either...she made Ambrosia.
      If you lived nearer, you would be more than welcome at any gathering that my friends and I had planned.

  3. I saw lots of centipedes in Italy when I was there but they are not generally too toxic so far as I'm aware. Best wishes to your pal for her continued recovery.

    I loved that special shepherds pie. I shall be learning from that photo.

    1. I remember your post about the centipedes in Italy, and it's a good thing you were not stung while there.
      Maybe the ones here are more toxic, since everyone on the island, knows to be on the lookout for these critters. My mum always said they travel in twos, and they usually do from my experience.
      I will pass on your get well wishes to my girlfriend.
      Have fun with the shepherd's pie photo...don't forget to send me a photo of your creation when done.


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