Tuesday, 9 April 2013

My BIG boo boo

Yesterday, I made a BIG boo boo on this blog.
In trying to shift one of my favourite blogs to a retired position on my side bar, I inadvertently deleted all my favourite blogs. Don't you hate when something goes wrong with your blog?
What do you do?
I cussed and then did the next best thing....panicked.
I believe I have managed to recreate them all again.....however, if you find that your blog is missing from my blog roll, please do not hesitate to let me know.
Lots of work to be done today, so I will check back later.


  1. "I cussed and then did the next best thing....panicked." I have not laughed out loud in my own company quite so much for ages.

  2. So you're having a laugh at my mishap are you?
    The funny thing is, I googled the Blogger help and there is absolutely no "Undo" button in Blogger.
    I spent a good part of my morning recreating the stuff I had deleted in error.
    I maintain there should be an "Undo" button for folks like me, it would certainly be a treasured feature for me.

  3. I always ignore the statement to save your blog as a template before fiddling... then I panic!

    1. I may have to pay more attention to that statement in the future too.
      Panic does not become me.


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