Sunday, 21 April 2013

Catching up once more

Say what you want, but I think Brownie and Monkee have found the rain......look at the sky this morning.
 Thanks for your help Brownie and Monkee!

 We had a few showers during the night as well.....YEAH!

 Good thing too, since I planted out some marjoram, chives and parsley herbs yesterday.

My phone bill arrived during the week, with an additional charge included for Directory Assistance.
A few weeks ago, I had occasion to call Directory Assistance to find out the telephone number of the new phone/internet company on the island. Since it was a  new company, their number was not included in the Telephone Book.
We are allowed two free Directory assistance calls every month. I have never used this service until last month, when I placed one call.
I immediately called Customer Service when I opened my come I was charged for one call, if I'm allowed two free calls?
"Are you querying the .87 cents?"
"Yes I am.  Too little a charge to query? Why was it charged if I'm allowed two free directory assistance calls per month?"
The usual rhetoric from the prepared guidelines on how to answer the customer...I was having none of it.
When I hung up, it was agreed that my case would be escalated after three days, and the correction,"if any" would show up on my next bill. In the meanwhile it was suggested that I pay the bill in full, if not I could be disconnected. I would love to see them disconnect my service for an .87 cent charge that was not valid. "If any" indeed!
Do you, like me, think I was charged because I asked for the new phone company's telephone number???
I hung up the phone, wishing and wishing that the new phone company had finished wiring their new cables in my neighbourhood,
Look what I saw when I looked outside a few minutes later.

The new company running cables through my neighbourhood....there is a God!!!

You know what this means, don't you?

In the meanwhile my neighbour has had a large container delivered, and everyone is wondering what he is up to, since he already has a whole heap of equipment residing in his yard, and we are not allowed to operate any businesses in this neighbourhood as part of the covenants. We shall have to wait and see.


  1. Sound to me as if your phone company is going to lose a customer! Welcome to the rain. From drought a few weeks ago New Zealand 's North Island is now getting flooding.

    1. I am enjoying the much needed rainfall. The brown grass is already greening up, and all the trees and shrubs are looking alive again.....yeah!
      Brownie and I are stuck inside, but that's okay.
      Sounds to me like the phone company is going to lose a lot more customers!

  2. We were hogging all the rain here for a while but it seems to have gone now. I'm glad it found its way to your part of the world.

    1. I am so happy for the rain, you have no idea.
      Next thing is to get my rain barrel fully installed, so I can store the rain for watering my plants.

  3. Glad to hear you finally got some rain. Here in Brisbane we are rejoicing in lovely sunny weekends after so many wet ones.

  4. We needed the rain desperately. Our water table levels were low, and some areas were having a hard time. We are on the water desalination network, so we always have water.
    Glad you're getting lovely sunny weekends...enjoy.


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