Friday, 12 April 2013

Catching up

Still no sign of the real rain as yet. There were some dark clouds earlier in the week, and a few drizzles came forth followed by a shower of rain, that lasted all of 10 minutes. Talk about a teaser.

With this cloud cover, I had my hopes up high that the rains were finally such luck.

The high breezes are still knocking around and some folks are making the most of it by flying their kites at any opportunity.
This guy is probably headed to a nearby pasture to fly his kite, or  it may be a surprise for his son.

Was sleeping soundly on Monday night when I thought I was dreaming that broken glass was falling on me, cascading all around my face.
Horror of horrors, when I jumped up the light fitting above my bed had somehow broken apart and the shards were strewn all around my face on my bed.
That was pretty scary. I still can't figure out why a perfectly good light fixture would suddenly break apart like that.
Cleaning up broken glass in the middle of the night is not my idea of having fun. There I was, dragging out the vacuum cleaner and making sure the floor and bed were cleaned thoroughly before allowing Brownie in to investigate, and wrapping the shards in newspaper before placing in the garbage bin, giving my hair a good comb out, and wondering over and over, how on earth did that happen?
At least I won't be sentenced to nine years bad luck.

One of my girlfriends came by to visit and brought me some mangoes, and some mango pulp for smoothies. She also brought me a ticket to an upcoming jazz event. I've got the best friends in the world.

The mandarines I bought last week were sweet and juicy, and I shared  a couple with my friends.
I came across some reasonably-priced figs at the market, so I bought quite a few.

Figs.......I adore figs, since I can't have bananas.

The mean bad-nasty pigeons and I are still having our daily showdowns. They want to  continue to roost in the eave above the patio, but every time I see them I've been using the garden hose to squirt them away again. Wonder how long this is going to go on, before they get the memo.

My garbage collection is now between Thursday and Friday,  and that's all I am going to say about that for now.

I am smack dab in the middle of planning my yearly Swap and Tea Party afternoon for my girlfriends, and also taking care of some household chores like scrubbing the tile grout on my floors.
No rest for the weary they say.

Something that had puzzled me for quite some time has now been solved, but that deserves a separate post.


  1. That's scary, with the lamp. I did once experience something similar, many years ago - as I switched the lamp on the bulb exploded (and it was in an open lamp on the wall over my bed). Where I live now I have a lamp standing on the floor next to the bed...

    1. An exploding bulb would have been scary for me too.
      There is nothing wrong with my bulb, just the glass fitting broke apart...maybe it's trying to tell me something...time for a new look.

  2. Very scary. Glad all turned out ok. I was considering a new design for my bedhead in Scotland with lights above the bed. Well that's out now for sure.

    1. Yes, very scary indeed.
      You can still go ahead with your design, but place the lights on the wall on either side of the bed instead. I can't do anything about my light placement, since that is how my room is wired up for now.


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