Saturday, 13 April 2013

Second helping

Well we have ripe mangoes in the house, so for breakfast fresh mango is on the menu.
Remember way back when, when a certain someone, who shall remain nameless arrived, his consternation at tasting the fruit for the first time?  Remember the twisted up face and the spitting back out, and the unenthusiastic eating ritual that ensued?
No the time I am slicing the fruit up, he is sitting comfortably looking in my direction, with his best beggar face on (or maybe it's his game face...yes, his game face on).

Juicy ripe mangoes for breakfast

Hope she can see me down here, and not eat all for herself
                               Yeah...this is so good
Please Mum, may I have some more?

Wow....his second helping all finished before I even started to eat mine.

But that's the trick you see, gobbled his up quickly, and then sit beside me with pleading eyes to rob me of more from my plate...very smart that one.

I know a few of you will be wondering, so I must point out that the plate above is Brownie's own personal is part of a plastic set of ware that I purchased specially for him. It is not one of  the plates used by us


  1. I wonder if cats like mango? Must check.

  2. Who knows, Ivy just might like a nibble, especially if she sees you enjoying it too.

  3. Wow. Brownie loves mango. Missy's never tried them. We don't have a tree and they cost too much here for me to share with her. I gave her banana once and she spat it out so I don't think she's a fruit girl.

  4. We used to have a mango tree before I had it cut down, since only Brazen and company were getting to enjoy them. All I ever got was the headache of raking mango tree leaves.
    Brownie doesn't seem to like banana either, but he likes banana bread...go figure.
    You should still give Missy a small sliver next time you are enjoying a mango, and see if she likes it.


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