Thursday, 18 April 2013

Looking for rain

Mum says she's looking for rain Monkee...some good rain....let's help Mum find the rain.
You look that way, and I'll look this way.

You see any rain Monkee?
Nope, not yet BrownBerts.

Don't know why Mum is looking for rain anyway, because then it'll be too muddy for us to play outside.
I think I'll take  a nap now......stay awake Monkee....see if you find the rain.
Mum will be happy if "we" find the rain for her.


  1. We are getting dribbles here and there, but some of my friends in the north and south of the island are getting proper rain showers. April will soon be over, and I won't have had a good April shucks.

  2. You are so funnee. But that's silly really. You should tell Brownie that Monkee can't understand him.

    1. Why on earth would you think that? The two of them have an understanding. Sometimes I really wonder about the two of them.
      Monkee is always sitting upright and looking out when Brownie is on watch.....seriously.
      After having his lunch, Brownie takes Monkee into the garden to keep watch while he has his afternoon siesta.
      They have a system between them, kinda funny, but yet uncanny somewhat.


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