Friday, 26 April 2013

DIRTY piles of stuff

I have memories of walking to school holding my auntie's hand, and hopping over small dirty  piles of debris on the side of the road.
As a young child who took pride in her uniform and her "fire bright" shoes, it was quite annoying to have to be jumping over these darn piles of grass mixed with dirt, especially when it was wet outside.
Back then, going to school for the first time in my uniform, I was very fussy.
My dark blue pleated uniform jumper was pressed with sharp creases that lied flat, and only opened up if I did not carry myself in a lady-like manner. The underlying white short sleeved shirt was always lily white, bleached in the sun by my mum.
My Dad taught me how to tie my tie...I was so happy when I  got the knack of it quickly....he was a patient man, but I was a quick learner, maybe that's why I finished secondary school at 15 years old, and started my career in  banking because I loved figures, ........but oh dear, I digress.
My black Clarks school shoes were cleaned by my Dad till I could see my face in them, or as my Mum proclaimed one time, "Shining brighter than dog stones in the moonlight."
One day, my Panama hat, which was a part of my uniform, blew off my head (I hated that elastic under my chin), and I chased my hat down the street, watching in horror as it blew into every single one of those nasty dirt piles along the street. When I finally reached it, it was DIRTY, crusted over with muck.  I started to cry.

"Auntie, why are all these dirty piles of stuff in the road all the time? Why doesn't someone clean up the road?"
"My child, this is the way that they clean the road."

As a child then, and as an adult now, I can't for the life of me comprehend the logic of cleaning the road verges the way we do on this island.
As the youngsters say, "I just can't get my head wrapped around it."

One morning there is a work crew that arrives and starts to clean and weed the road verges of all grass, weeds, dirt, and any other debris. These little piles are left at either side of the road when they are finished weeding for the day (11am).
Okay, so you figure that the collection crew will come along the same day or at least the following day and take away all the mess left behind.
Days go by, weeks go by, the piles become trampled and driven over, and scattered all around, and the weeds begin to take root again.
Little children walking to school get their shoes dirtied up.

Almost two weeks ago, the crew came along and weeded the road verges downhill from my home, and yesterday the cleanup crew finally showed up to remove the debris left behind.
We had some good rain showers during this time, so of course what remained of the debris was washed all over the place.

Road side debris collection

Dirty sidewalk and road verges

I just can't get my head wrapped around this routine, I just can't.
It's been umpteen years that this unconventional practice has been going on for crying out loud, we're talking childhood memories here, and I am now how old???
Somebody,.......anybody,...........whoever out there.....time for this unsanitary practice to stop.  Stop the excuses.
I have posted about these weed crews before here.


  1. That is really weird. Don't they realise that if they cleaned up as they went it would be less work in the long run?

    1. After all these years, someone still has not got the memo.

  2. It does sound like a very inefficient way of handling things.

    1. I should have pointed out, that this practice remains only in certain areas.
      It does not happen in the rich estates.


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