Sunday, 6 October 2013

A visit to Pace University

Arrival night is always filled with lots of laughter, chatter and eating, and more or less catching up with the happenings. 
These days, information is so readily available, that we are amazed at what is out there, before we even know it.
Sometimes I receive information from my friends in the US about happenings in Barbados, before I am made aware of them on the island.

The following day, Sunday, it was decided that we should pay a visit to another member of my extended family who is away studying at Pace University.
A lovely day for sightseeing and re-visiting the university that I had considered for pursuing my undergraduate studies back in the 80's.

 On our way there
Pace University has two campuses, one in New York City and the other in Westchester, which is where we were headed.
 PACE University - Working Toward Greatness

The Westchester Campus is located on 200 acres in Pleasantville, New York.
Westchester is known as the Golden Apple for the number of Fortune 500 companies that are headquartered there.

 Lovely dormitories for living a student's life
 A safe and peaceful respite away from home

North Hall dormitory

I admired the lovely brickwork buildings.

Emergency phones along the pathways exude a sense of security
PACE is opportunity

The cafetaria operated by Chartwells Catering - clean, great service and top-quality food.

The cafetaria was well-stocked with fast food favourites like burgers and onion rings to healthy portions of fresh fruit and juices, as well as fully cooked meals.
We decided to have a light mid-morning snack while we sat and chatted.
The students have Flex Dollars cards which they can use on or off campus for their meals.

Flags of many nations in the cafetaria eating area....blatantly missing was a flag of Barbados, but that can easily be rectified.

A lovely sculpture adorned the outside eating area.

The lake was filled with algae but still beautiful

The sound of flowing water from this lovely fountain immediately put the mind at ease

I didn't see any Border Collies

But I did see goats, sheep and chickens

Red tail hawks - Buteo jamaicensis

Great-Horned Owl - Bubo virginianus
Many dead mice draped over a tree limb inside the aviary for his meals

PACE rules

University life never changes.
Evidence of a great party the night before.
To my amazement, there were several of these large load wireless routers along the corridor in the dorm.
After all there are lots of students on campus who utilise the internet for studying and socialising.

Time to leave.  Our student had an exam to study for.
Wishing you all the best in your studies my dear. Make us proud.


  1. A very pleasant trip around what looks like a very desirable place to study.

  2. I would have been a happy student there. It is a beautiful campus.


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