Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Shop.......again

Remember I wrote about my girlfriend's shop a little while back?
Well she decided it was time to get the ball rolling, and have the shop up and running, but not before it was blessed.
Saturday, October 12th was a bright sunny day, and we, her friends and family gathered at the dedication ceremony to be a part of her happy venture.
After prayers by Reverend Roslyn, the shop was blessed (with its official name), and we were invited to wander around the gardens.
The Shop is located in a beautiful Eden-like garden filled with lots of exotic plants, birds and other wildlife.
Ferntrail Garden Centre
aka "The Shop"



Strawberry planter filled with Cuban oregano

The shop would not be complete without one of her favourite plants --orchids

An array of pots and garden decor
(hope you're not selling the pot-man that I gave you girlfriend!)

Handmade items like these maple leaves with broken glass mosaics

Beach stones with butterfly appliques of broken glass and coloured pebbles

Wandering around the garden, I ended up in The Fernery.  My girlfriend LOVES ferns, hence the name of her shop "Ferntrail Garden Center."

The Fernery

Walking around the garden for a while longer, I came across this little grotto with a few pink flowers peeking out from some foliage below.

On closer inspection, I discovered that it was this beauty.....

Nursery holding area

Double red desert roses
Euphorbia milii - Crown of thorns

More garden views

Time to head to the gazebo for eats....look who's leading the way...Ginger the cat

A scrumptious breakfast buffet

Nina was keeping a close eye on everything

"Thank you" gifts from the hostess

I hope that this new venture will take off, and that the shop will be filled with lots of customers who will love everything they see and spend lots of money to make their gardens pretty.

I'm wishing you the best my friend....the best of everything, and may you live long and prosper.


  1. I would certainly be tempted to spend money there. Her plants look wonderfully healthy. Wish your friend well from Australia please. Also, she has what all garden centres need - a couple of four legged assistants.

  2. I'm so glad that you checked in, I've been wondering how you are doing.
    I will pass on your sentiments to my girlfriend.
    I'm sure that The Shop will do well....she has many customers from before, so they'll all continue to buy their plants from her, especially her beautiful orchids.

  3. I love garden centres and this one is no exception. I wish your friend every success.

    1. Garden Centres are hard to walk away from, even when I'm traveling....they embrace you with so much warmth and love that you have to go in.
      I will pass on your sentiments to my friend.

  4. Looks like a very inspiring place! Wishing your friend the best of luck.

    1. You'd probably end up packing a suitcase full of plants to take home with you and maybe even paying for overweight as well!!
      I'll pass on your good luck sentiments to my friend.

  5. What a great place! I wish those exotic plants grew in VA. I hope your friend's shop is a huge success. :o)

  6. Oh my oh my, Tammy there are a whole heap of plants in VA that I wished would grow here!!!
    I will pass on your sentiments to my girlfriend.
    She's working on her Christmas stock now.


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