Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Thankful Tuesday

I'm taking a page out of my friend GB's book today.  He  writes a Thankful Thursday post, which he picked up from his friend Jaz.
Today, I'm writing a Thankful Tuesday post, because today I'm more than thankful for small mercies.
After visiting the vet yesterday for his last antibiotic injection, Brownie was finally given the all clear. 
 He still has a large raw area under his throat which looks like he was bitten by another dog, but that is also healing slowly.
I just wish that he could tell me exactly what happened to him while I was away.
I am thankful that......Brownie is recuperating just fine at home
 He has two new pals...

 .......a pink pig and a big blue rat which accompanied me home from my trip.
The big blue rat was compliments of his Uncle Carl.
Big Blue Rat

I am thankful that......Brownie still loves to relax under the dining room table.
He's getting lots of rest to build his strength back up.

I am thankful that.....I have beautiful orchid blooms in the garden

I am thankful that...my Clerodendrum ugandense Blue Butterfly Bush is finally blooming.


I am thankful that....some poor bird has taken pity on me and has decided to build a nest in the Portlandia in the back garden.

I am thankful that ......all of my patio plants have not died from the heat

I am thankful that.....I have Jaffa Cakes to be enjoyed

I am thankful that.....Brownie can still carry out his much-loved monkey patrol.
I am thankful that.... Brownie can still keep Brazen and crew away from his turf.

I am thankful that.... although this video is a a bit noisy, I can still enjoy the antics of Mr.BrownBerts on monkey patrol.

Yes, I am thankful everyday, especially those days that end in a "y".


  1. There's few things better than days ending in 'y'. It's good to see Mr B out on patrol and obviously feeling a lot better. By a strange coincidence Anna and I are just having a coffee with a, guess what, Jaffa Cake. Wonderful.

  2. Any day I wake up to another day, no matter what it brings, I am thankful.
    Mr.B is back to his old self, and I am definitely thankful for that. Today is the last day for his Vitamin K meds.

  3. A lovely post. So glad your beloved dog is going to be okay. I think we dog owners get so attached that the dogs cease to be dogs and become like people. I know my dog has. She even asks me for what she wants!! Have a wonderful day and weekend. xoxox


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