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One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center, formerly known as the Freedom Tower will be completed 10 years after the laying of the first cornerstone back on July 4th, 2004.
It is now the tallest building in the US with its spire at 1,776 feet, a symbolic tribute to the year of the US Declaration of Independence.
Designed by architect David Childs, it will include an observation deck, office and retail space and world-class restaurants.

One World Trade Center
A view from the Staten Island ferry

Soaring above the city, the building is nearing completion with a 2014 opening date on the horizon.
It is located at 72 Vessey Street, at the northwest corner of the World Trade Center complex.
With its $3.9 billion dollar price tag, it features a smaller cubic base and is set further back from the street to protect it from future attacks.
Made of impermeable concrete and steel, it rises from its square base and tapers into eight tall isosceles triangles, which form a perfect octagon at the center.
There is an observation deck at 1,362 feet above ground and a parapet at the height of the original Twin Towers (1,368 feet.)

One World Trade Center
The 3rd tallest building in the world (by pinnacle height)
Workmen scaffolding still adorns the outside

104 stories high with 5 basement floors

Lots of other buildings in the World Trade Center complex


though impressive......they pale in comparison

Work in progress as seen from the 9/11 Memorial

A closer view of the scaffolding

 On May 10th this year, the final piece of the antenna spire was lifted into place.
According to a article, "Building experts dispute whether the pinnacle is an antenna, a crucial distinction in measuring the building's height.
The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, a Chicago-based organization considered an authority on such records, says an antenna is something simply added to the top of a tower that can be removed. By contrast, a spire is something that is part of the building's architectural design.
If it didn't have the spire, 1 World Trade Center would be shorter than the Willis Tower in Chicago, which stands at 1,451 feet and has the title of tallest building in the U.S., not including its antennas. The world's tallest building, topping 2,700 feet, is in Dubai.
The twin towers were about 1,360 feet tall, not including the antenna on one of them.
The spire at 1 World Trade Center will serve as a television and radio antenna, and it will feature an LED-powered light that will be visible from tens of miles away, said Scott Rechler, the vice chairman of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owns the lower Manhattan trade center site. The light, which will change colors, is to be activated in the next few months."
 More info on the spire here.

From the ashes........

The inscription on the final beam signed by President Obama says it all
"We remember, We rebuild, We come back stronger!" 

Here is an interesting time lapse video of the building construction.
I found these photos captivating at this site.
More info here.

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