Monday, 14 October 2013

A wonderful weekend

I love visiting the home of my girlfriend in VA.  She lives almost smack dab on the bank of the Rappahannock River, surrounded by acres and acres of beautiful woods where an occasional deer, bear or snake may be seen.

Lola is in charge of S & P, yes that's right Security & Protection, and she takes her job seriously, and she does a great job.
Sighting an animal larger than herself is no problem in Lola's book, she keeps a keen eye on protecting the home, and is prone to running down the driveway to scare away anything she thinks unsuitable to approach her turf.
I have seen her take after a squirrel so quickly that the poor squirrel was in took a second or two for him to realise that Lola was actually chasing him.

 "I can see you."
 "Don't even think about it!!"

"Auntie Vee we lost a tree in the storm - Look!!"

"And Mummy's favourite plant barely survived - Lookee look!!"

My room is the 6th window from the left on the top floor.  Waking up to such lovely wooded scenery was a welcome change. There was a little yellow breasted bird that sat on the roof overhang every morning to say hello.

My home in VA where I'm "welcome anytime."

Like me, my girlfriend loves a good bargain, so when she heard that a stone fountain needed a good home and just needed to be picked up,  she was "on it."
The lovely two-piece stone fountain will be given a new lease on life in her garden.

Her brother had agreed to collect it, but the darn thing was so heavy that his vehicle ended up with a flat tyre in the driveway on his arrival.

Lola Boo wasn't even giving the mishap a second thought, she was busy playing Diva as usual, especially after her hair trim.
Poodles are dogs that do not shed a lot because they have a single coat instead of having a double coat. They are the best dogs for folks with allergies, since they hold their shed hair. However if not trimmed regularly their hair will turn to matts in their coats.
It was time for a trim for Lola, and she was given an all-over hair trim (attended by three ladies I may add) since she does not like going to the groomer (anymore).  I wonder why...wish she could tell Auntie Vee the reason.

Look at her......really now.

After the tyre change, my friend's husband, who is an avid golfer had us take a few practice shots with his clubs.  It was such a long time since I'd played, that I couldn't even hit the ball....gotta do something about that....and fast.

Despite what some folks may think, it doesn't take much to make me happy.
My girlfriend always wants to make a big fuss whenever I'm visiting, but I always tell her it's not necessary.
Okay, she never ever listens and this time was no exception....she had made plans to have friends over and have a barbecue.

 I had such a great time laughing, eating and talking (oh dear, not at the same time) that I totally forgot to take photos....sorry.


  1. You were so close to me. :o) My home isn't nearly as grand, but the next time you're in VA, I'd love to meet you somewhere. So glad you had a great visit with your friends.

    1. Sounds like a plan to me....hopefully next year we can hook up to meet (oh dear that sounds like a booty call)
      I always enjoy visiting my friends in VA, and I surely don't mind adding you to the list....see you then.

  2. Oh what a lovely place to visit - I hope you went for lots of long walks in the forest. there is nothing quite like waking up to a bird at your window!

    1. I did venture for a quick walk into the woods...there are lots of plants/ferns that I love growing there.
      The little bird chirping away outside my window was a welcome touch.

  3. There's nothing like visiting and being made welcome by good friends. Not so sure I'm keen on the idea of living in close proximity to bears though.

    1. There are very rare sightings of bears, and they usually amble off back into the woods to carry on about their business.
      Apparently one neighbour was leaving food out on her garden table, and that was what attracted the bears to the neighbourhood in the first place. She was warned by the home council to desist from this practice as she was not only endangering herself but others as well. According to her, she liked seeing the bears because they were cute....not so cute for unsuspecting neighbours though.


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