Thursday, 17 October 2013

Back in NYC

After being dropped off downtown by Penn Station, we had to walk a little way to the subway that would take us back uptown.
You're probably wondering how come I take the subway's the fastest and best way to get around NYC. I kid you not.
Unlike the cabs and buses that get stuck in traffic above ground, the subway moves lightning fast. Besides if the subway is good enough for the mayor of NYC Michael Bloomberg to use it everyday to get to work at City hall, then it's good enough for me.

Okay, so we are heading back home, but remember that Penn Station is on the West side, and we needed to get back to the East side. Taking the uptown train from Penn station, hopping off at Times  Square 42nd Street, taking the shuttle to connect to Grand Central Terminal (East side) and then to take the Lexington Line (#6) back home.
On the way, we passed Madison Square Garden, which is located above Penn Station. On this site for the last 45 years, it  now has  a decade to find a new home.  This is as a result of the proposed expansion of Penn Station.

Madison Square Garden
"The Mecca of sports entertainment"
Madison Square Garden serves as the home for the Knicks, NY Rangers (ice hockey), but also hosts mega concerts and boxing fights. Actually the inaugural WrestleMania was held here.

Arriving back at the apartment, we realised that we needed a few items (snacks from the supermarket), so back out we went.

I caught sight of an unlikely creature.........a black squirrel at the foot of a fir tree.

Other sights on that walk included:

This beautiful rose.

Holly bush with its vibrant red berries.

Lovely variegated ground cover plant
(the name escapes me right now)

Fir tree with berries of its own
Lovely pink flower

While we were away, the GQ of the house had won a lovely edible fruit arrangement. By placing his business card in a raffle jar with others at his favourite coffee shop, his card was him to be the lucky winner.

I ate some of the grapes, since most of the other fruit would have upset my allergies.
On the dining room table stood many orchid floral arrangements from the wedding decor.
They were going to be tossed, so they were rescued by Mr. GQ himself, and will continue to live quite happily in the apartment.

I love that my friends are into reduce, reuse, recycle just like me.....kindred spirits we all are, that's for sure.


  1. Quite a fruit arrangement! The star has to be the variegated rose though. I don't think I have ever seen one quite like that before.

    1. Yes, the rose was quite a beauty, and it was just growing with wild abandon in the car lot of the apartment with no special care.


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