Friday, 4 October 2013

My flight path

Now, you may remember that I had a rude young man beside me on the plane, and therefore there was no interaction or communication at all during the flight, well with the exception of borrowing "de pen."
I settled down comfortably in my seat, and watched the in-flight movie with Leonardo DiCaprio in "The Great Gatsby."  It was kinda sad, but I enjoyed it.
Arriving safely at JFK, there  were several other flights that landed around the same time, and the immigration lines were long and snaked around and around and around.  I spent an hour and 40 minutes in line just waiting to be processed.
I didn't know it then, but I had lost my earring on the plane.  I am sure this was the reason for the quizzical look on the officer's face as he asked me to look into the camera for the retina scan, but he said nothing.
Quickly retrieving my bag from the carousel, I looked through the crowds to find my friends....and there they were waiting to greet me with welcome smiles.
It was good to see them again.

Like me, they're avid flight trackers, and it was there and then that they told me that my flight path was a bit weird.

My flight path with its detour halfway into the flight

They were wondering if I was misbehaving on the plane and whether the captain had decided to take me back to Barbados but then changed his mind.......hahaha...very funny.
Although thinking back, if I had allowed the rude young man to upset me,  who knows??? 
I wonder what the detour path was all about?
The window shades were down on the sun side where I sat as requested by the captain to keep the interior cabin cooler.  However, I do wonder if I would have been able to discern that we had taken a detour if my window shade was up?
You know, like, "Heck, didn't we pass that cloud before about half an hour ago?"


  1. The waiting at airports these days and all the (necessary) checks do tend to remove any pleasure from air travel. I'm well pleased, however, with your publicising I've just spent some interesting minutes tracking flights: doubtless the first of many.

  2. Yes, airport travel these days can be a nightmare.
    The indignity of taking ones shoes off and walking just a few steps barefooted is humiliating for me, not to mention the germs that can be picked up.. This time I wore socks specially for the occasion.
    Glad you enjoyed, it's a great site.


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