Monday, 21 October 2013

Homeward bound

My flight out of JFK departs at 8.30am headed to Barbados.  Check-in time time for me was 6.00am which was no problem, since I am up early anyway.....doesn't matter if I'm traveling or not, my body clock is set to get up early.
Goodbyes all around......more standby tears which seem to pop up from nowhere.
After a quick ride to the airport, checking-in with two bags (I had to transport some stuff for a friend), I found myself sitting quite comfortably in the gate lounge area.
A hot chocolate and a scone was just the needed thing at that time of the morning.
Every time I strike up a conversation with persons serving me, in this case Dunkin' Donuts, they immediately catch on to my accent, and then proceed to tell me of all their travels to the island, or the family they have still living on the island, or if I know someone they know who lives on the island.
Some chose the island to either get married or to honeymoon, family reunions, whatever, they love my 166 square mile island.  I love talking to folks who love Barbados like I do.
I sat comfortably (Gate 26) awaiting the boarding announcement of my flight.

Suddenly an announcement advising us that there was a gate change.
Off to Gate 16 we all trotted.

Gate 16 waiting area

Then the announcement I'd been waiting for. Time to board. I was very anxious to get back home after my daughter called and told me that Brownie was sick at the vet.

Captain Paul was in charge of my flight home.  Welcoming us aboard, he informed us that because of some weather on the east coast, we'd be flying over Norfolk,VA on our way to Barbados.
Norfolk, VA holds a dear space in my heart, reasons I won't tell in this post, maybe some other time.
Despite some mechanical sounding noise on the plane throughout the flight, which no one but myself seemed to mind, it was a wonderful flight with a safe landing.  Cheering all around as we landed.
It's always sooooo good to be back on home soil.


  1. I'll echo your last sentence although for me I sometimes have difficulty sorting out in my mind which is 'home' soil. I have one true home perhaps but my NZ home is now such an important part of my life.

  2. You know I have been wondering about that same thing....which one do you truly consider as "home."


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