Sunday, 13 October 2013

Back in Virginia

We encountered lots of evening traffic when we hit downtown Bethesda in VA, which in turn led to a very late arrival in Lorton.  I didn't realise it when I booked my ticket that the bus was making three stops......Bethesda, Rosslyn and then on to Lorton the last stop. We arrived quite late at our drop off stop, and so we missed the last train out for the evening.  
My friends had to drive down to pick us up....quite an inconvenience but they said they didn't mind.

Another arrival night....more laughter, chatter and catching up till late into the night.
Getting reacquainted with my dear friend Lola Boo was first and foremost.
Thanks for my new toy Auntie Vee


I am still the Original Diva in this house - don't you ever forget it

Lola Boo on her favourite chair where she can survey every angle of the house.

The following day, my girlfriend headed off to work, and I finally had a day to rest at home. Lola Boo loved that.  We had a great day.
In the evening, we headed off to my "daughter's" hockey match.
The match was held at a rival school, and the girls played well.

Also attending the match was Rosie
Several parents had brought along the family dogs to cheer the girls on, and I couldn't help but wonder why we had left Lola Boo at home.
After a victorious win, we all went to celebrate at my "daughter's" favourite restaurant Chick Fil-A
The restaurant has a Chick-fil-A sauce that I have become addicted to.  It's really a sauce for the chicken, but I love it on fresh salads. I don't have to tell you what happened next do I?
Oh well, I guess I'll fess up here, we all requested extra packets of the sauce, and they were all stashed away safely in an extra plastic bag that I always keep handy in my hand bag.  I traveled home with enough packets of sauce to last me for a while.
As for you...yes you, my girlfriend who laughed at me with my handy plastic bag, I am now enjoying my sauce here in ha!!!


  1. Loved the final few sentences of that post 'cos they made me laugh. A friend and I were travelling back to the Island a few weeks ago when we popped into a rather smart hotel for soup and a sandwich for lunch. The soup turned out to be absolutely delicious and large and very filling. The 'sandwich' was a huge crusty roll with wonderful home-cooked ham. We asked for it to be cut in half and wrapped for us to take away. We enjoyed it much more when we had some room in our tums.

  2. Your soup and sandwich sound very tasty...glad you enjoyed them.
    As we all know there are some food items that are better enjoyed at home.
    My girlfriend reads my blog so she will also get a laugh when she reads it.


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