Thursday, 6 March 2014

She's Gone

"She's gone, she's gone
Oh I, oh I
I better learn how to face it
She's gone, she's gone
Oh I, oh I
I'd pay the devil to replace her
She's gone, and she's gone
Oh why, what went wrong?"  

~ Daryl Hall

Hi again, it's me Brownie.
Seems as if my lady friend has moved on to another, or has returned home.  I miss her.
I've been looking out for her both day and night till I'm tired.
Feet tired pacing, throat tired whining, eyes tired looking....just plain old tired.

Mum took pity on me, and lifted me on to her lap while she worked at the computer, and I fell asleep in her arms....I was so tired....and sad.
I know she feels bad, because she received lots of phone calls and emails from her friends who told her off for blocking what would have been a delightful encounter with my lady friend.
The names she was called, I can't repeat here, but I think I heard "cock blocker" in one instance.

So it's back to playing with my friend Big Blue Rat.

Taking out my frustration on my pal Big Blue Rat
Biting him over and over again
 I do love him though...he will help me to get over my friend.
I will be okay.
As one text message to my Mum said, "Viva Le Brownie!!!"


  1. Oh CJ, you made me laugh out quite loud...I couldn't have said it better myself.
    Glad to see you.

  2. Replies
    1. Droll but very funny two brothers must have had so much fun together while growing up.


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