Friday, 14 March 2014

You have old stuff!!

Where have I heard those words before??
Oh yes, almost every time I visit a store for a replacement part, I am told that the items I want to replace are old and are not in production anymore.
First it was my plumbing fittings, then my spray can, and now my sewing machine bulb.
I recently found myself working on some alterations on my sewing machine, when suddenly the bulb just went out.
I don't recall ever changing the bulb in my sewing machine over all the years that I have had it.
Time to get a new bulb.
Ventured into the city to my favourite sewing notions store, but they were out of stock.  This meant I had to visit another store, the one where the owner is short on manners.  I don't like spending my money with rude people, but sometimes it can't be helped.
Amazingly, when I said "Good Morning", he grudgingly replied.

I showed him my old bulb, and he smiled......yes he actually smiled....and then he said quite loudly,
"YOU have OLD stuff!!!"
I blinked in disbelief, "What?"
"They don't make bulbs like that anymore, that is a big bulb from years ago, they are now a smaller size."
He showed me the new and improved bulb and assured me that the base was the same size and that it would fit my Singer machine.
Thanked him and made my purchase.  It must be noted that the item was priced $7.99, but when I handed him $8.00, he did not give me back my change of one cent.  I queried this and he reminded me that soon there would be no cents circulating in our local currency since the Barbados government was getting rid of the one cent piece (penny). 
But who was he to start the ball rolling? I decided not to stand my ground since it was just one cent, and he is notorious for making customers lose their cool.  It's always some ignoramus trying to steal my joy.....however on the other hand.......
The bulb was a perfect fit.
I'm not sure if this new and improved bulb will last as long as my old bulb, but if it does, do you think I'll hear those words again "YOU have OLD stuff!" when it's time to be replaced?
Also see here for more information on the removal of the one cent coin.


  1. Stuff tends to get old very quickly nowadays! I guess you have to be glad you didn't have to buy a whole new sewing maching just because the lamp bulb went out! :)

    This week I happened to break a tea mug that was one of three. Once upon a time I was given just one single such mug as a birthday present. Several years later, I went into a store in town and bought two more in the same series (same pattern, different colours), so that I had three. In my mind, that was not so long ago. Knowing the store was still there (even if under a different name, but still selling the same kind of household things) I took a chance and popped in to ask if they still had those mugs... Of course I got a similar reply as you did (in attitude if not the exact words). THAT pattern has not been in production for YEARS...

    1. Oh my you have made me laugh with your story, but I'm sure that we can help if you post a photo of your remaining mugs, someone out here in Blogland may be able to help you locate a replacement.
      I'm with you....things become old rather quickly these days....and there is nothing we can do about it.
      Here on the island we refer to these items as "mash up and buy back."
      I care for anything that I own, so my stuff lasts a long time....I certainly don't have the "mash up and buy back" mentality.

  2. We have lived in a throw away society for years but now that we demand that everything is as cheap as possible profit margins on individual items are small and profits are made on volume. No one wants to keep spares because they are money sitting on a shelf and they may never be sold. I could go on but you know all this anyway. It's just something we have to accept. After all the labour cost of mending most things is higher than the cost of the parts.

  3. Oh. I'm up to date. Good. See you again soon.

    1. I have no problem with new and improved items produced by the manufacturers....what I abhor is the practice of making things to last for a definite period of time, with warranties that barely cover the period before it breaks down. It's no wonder that stores are selling Extended Warranties, for they know the products don't last very's a vicious cycle.


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