Sunday, 30 March 2014

Quiet Sunday??

Sundays are the most peaceful and relaxing days for me.  It's the day when I potter around with my patio plants, maybe fix a scrumptious Sunday lunch, watch movies, or have myself a self-pampering day.
Walking the garden this morning, I discovered more flowering beauties.
 White tree orchids

My never-ending blooming purple orchid
In each of those folds a flower appears, and it seems I have missed the first two.

On the patio, I transplanted a few plants and did some minor trimming of dead leaves.

After any sickness, my mum would give us a good scrub, (to get rid of any remnants of the illness) and this ritual has followed me throughout my life.

Brownie is on the mend and I thought it best to give him a good scrub as well.
No sooner had I finished drying him off and hanging his towel to dry in the sunshine....

....when there was a loud CRASHHHHH!!!
Not having any idea what it could be and remembering another loud BANG a couple of months ago, I ventured to the front gate where I saw many of my neighbours staring dumbfounded at this sight.

What the freakety frack????

I was transfixed.....I could not believe what I was seeing.

Believe it or not, the driver is okay with not a single scratch, but how on earth did he get that jeep up on my neighbour's wall like that, and walk away okay....except he is a stuntman......he is a very lucky guy to have survived that impact.
The news reporters and the tow truck were soon at the scene.

Thank goodness for small mercies.....things were quiet on the home front and it was time for lunch....which we both enjoyed.

 Here is my boy relaxing in the doorway after lunch and after his bath.


  1. Just been catching up on the news. I hope Brownie is well and truly on the mend. It is such a worry when they are sick, especially because they can't really tell you what is hurting. He looks beautiful after his bath. Oh, and I hope there are no more flying cars in your neighbourhood.

    1. Brownie is definitely on the mend....he is actually here under my desk sleeping by my feet.
      He's had breakfast and will accompany me outside in a few minutes after I finish cooking his lunch...thank you for checking up on him.

  2. Glad to hear your beloved dog is feeling better.
    If you'd posted about that car on 1st April, I'm not sure I'd have believed it...

    1. Thanks Monica, Mr. Brownie is doing better and better as each day goes by....I am so very very thankful that he is okay.
      I was tempted to write an April Fool's Day post but then I got caught up with work....maybe next year.
      Are you out shopping again????

  3. Scrolling down through the lovely flowers and so on I really didn't see the end of that post coming! Did you ever find out what happened?

    1. The driver probably had a little too much to drink and thought he could still handle the vehicle smoothly. I am amazed at how the vehicle was sitting atop my neighbour's wall without the wall if it had been lifted into position by a crane.


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