Thursday, 27 March 2014

It's just not the same

The day is done, and the night has crept in, but I know that I am in for another restless night.
You see, I rushed my dear boy to the vet yesterday for emergency care.  After a thorough examination it was determined that he needed to stay to make sure the medication was working.
Last night was agony not having him here.  I missed the pitter patter of paws walking on the floor, I missed his sudden appearance when I opened the pantry door this alone....breakfast for one.

Today was just today.
I did not feel like gardening or doing any household sanity saver was to make a big pot of veggie soup.
Around lunchtime I placed my second call to the vet....."I will bring his lunch over, he does not like chow."
"Yes, we found that out, you can come over, he'll be glad to see you."
A quick drive to take his lunch, but he did not eat, he preferred to snap at a fly that had invaded his kennel.
On a leash we walked outside into the sunshine where he sniffed and marked every tree and blade of grass that he wanted to.
He still was not in an eating mood.  I think the noise of the other dogs may have had him on edge... I had taken him one of his favourite meals.....maybe he'll eat later.
I wiped his eyes, and softly told him that he'll be back home with me tomorrow, and to continue getting better.....that I missed him.
He promptly marched back into his kennel and lied down with his friend Mousee.
Tomorrow he'll be given the all-clear and I will monitor him at home until he is 100 percent again.
I miss him being's just not the same.


  1. Oh I am so sorry, I know what a constant companion Brownie is to you. Hopefully you have him home safe and sound soon.

    1. Thanks Gill, he is back home with me now, and I am so very very thankful.


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