Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Brownie and Big Blue Rat on a HOTT day

My boy BrownBerts loves to run around in the back garden after lunch.

Today he took his pal Big Blue Rat with him, but he didn't stay very long.

 Big Blue Rat let's chill out here for a while.......

  .....under the shade of these palm trees.......'s not that cool at all.......

 .....Gosh it's 28 degrees Celcius (82.4 degrees Fahrenheit)

 That is flipping HOTT  my friend

Time to head back inside.....are you coming Big Blue Rat?
We might melt out here......hurry up.


  1. So it's not cold with you I gather. It's not that hot down here: a mere 31 deg yesterday at its height on my deck. I could do with some warmth.

  2. Don't worry the warmth is on its way to you soon.


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