Friday, 28 March 2014

I am back home

Hi all, I am back home with Mum safe and sound and recuperating with rest and medication from my friendly vet.
I had not been feeling the best but I did not want to alarm Mum.  She saw me licking away continuously at my private parts, but I didn't want her to know I was in pain.
Wednesday morning however, she was dismayed when she saw drops of blood all over the floor....she immediately turned me upside down and saw that my poor "thingy dingy" was the source.
 She scooped me up like a brand new baby and bundled me into the jeep and we quickly drove to the vets.
Her face was so worried, as she explained to my doctor what the problem was.
"Don't you worry my dear, we will look after your son," he told her with a reassuring hug.
Mum was still quite concerned, as the other lady doctor came in to give a second opinion....I like her, Mum calls her Doctor Joy, even though her name is Joy-Anne.
Once again, the dreaded question they both addressed to Mum, "Did he get at any rat bait?"
"No, not from my property, but I did find a piece of samosa on the lawn a couple of days ago, which I believe may have been thrown over my wall.  As soon as he picked it up, I made him drop it again."
"We will check him out thoroughly, don't worry,"....... and with that a syringe appeared from nowhere and I was sedated.
I remember Mum walking me to the medical room, but that was all I remember.
While I was in la-la land I underwent a thorough exam and X-ray, and it was discovered that my prostate was swollen and a bit infected.  With the possibility of poison in my system I was immediately put on antibiotics and Vitamin K.
My teeth were also cleaned and my nails trimmed while I was out of very thoughtful.
 Mum came home and was beside herself with worry....she told me that her sanity saver was to cook a big pot of veggie soup.
Not much sleep for her that night, and she stayed up most of the night watching CNN with news reports of the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.
Yesterday, she called the vets to check up on me.  I was okay but they wanted to make sure that everything was fine and under control. 
Mum brought me some lunch and my pal Mousee to keep me company, but I didn't feel like eating at all. We walked around outside the kennel, and then she kissed me goodbye, and told me I'd be back home with her the next day. The vet wanted to monitor me for a while longer.
He also suggested that if my prostate did not settle down, I may have to be neutered....what????
I made sure that I had a good talk with my prostate that night and told it to get on the healing track right away.  So said, so done.
Another restless night for Mum.
I knew she called early today to check on me, and they told her that she could come and take me home.
Boy that place was noisy with so many dogs all wanting to be heard....I don't know if I could have stayed a minute longer.
Mum did not come empty handed to collect me.  Her gratitude was expressed with a fruit cake and juices for the veterinary staff who took such excellent care of me.
And to prove that I am really back, here are some photos of me relaxing under the side table after a "cowboy bath" and some chicken lunch.

It's good to be back home.
I think Mum will have a peaceful sleep tonight.


  1. All of us here at Casa Bella are very happy to hear that Brownie is home and well on the way to recovery. What a nasty fright you have had. Thank heavens for all the wonderful vets out there looking after our furry friends. Bella and Onslow send big 'get well' licks.

  2. Thank heavens for the the caring and loving vets in the world....they are gems and should be treasured..
    Brownie says thanks to Bella and Onslow for their well wishes.


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