Monday, 10 March 2014

The Weather Forecasters Club

Apparently I am now a member of an exclusive group....I didn't apply, I paid no membership fees, nor was I coerced to join, but......I am now a bona fide member of The Weather Forecasters Club.
What on earth is she yapping about now, I can hear you asking...well I shall tell you....don't rush me, you know I have to explain it all to you.

One day last week, I don't remember the exact day, I had spent a considerable time working outside and bending constantly to remove debris from trimming back the palms and shrubs out front.
You know how we old folks are, we still think we can get everything done that we are accustomed to doing but also in the same quick time like "once upon a time."
Are you with me yet???
Okay, so I spent an entire morning working and feeling quite good about my progress.  After a leisurely lunch, I decided I would return outside to finish up the job.
Putting on my crocs, I attempted to walk through the door, only to feel my right knee about to collapse under me.  It was quite a funny painful sensation,....... you are about to put one foot in front of the other to walk, and your knee refuses to do so.
By now I'm upset because I want to finish up the job outside, but my knee is saying "no can do."

Time to administer some heat.  I didn't feel like rubbing a heated liniment on my knee, so I opted for a large belladonna plaster which had been residing in my first-aid box for the longest while.
I wasn't even sure if it still was any good, but a few minutes after placing it on my knee, it was on fire and the heat was penetrating at a rapid rate.
I spent the rest of the evening relaxing with my right foot elevated and watching tv.

The night was cold and the rain fell for most of the night.....a weather symptom that was not forecasted.

Speaking to some of my crazy friends the following day, I was laughed at, and many exclaimed,
"Wait you now feeling the first stages of arthritis.....well my dear welcome to "The Club!"
"The Club?" I asked.
"Yes, The Weather Forecasters Club my dear, whenever the weather is going to be cold and rainy, your joints always know before the weathermen....your joints will let you know in no uncertain terms that cold wet weather is on the way......again I say Welcome to The Club!!"
They seemed elated to welcome another new member, but I couldn't believe my ears, this old age thing was becoming quite ridiculous, what next I wondered?

Believe it or not, my knee was in tip top shape the following day, with no pain, and I was able to finish off my pruning job outside.

So I'm now a member of "The Club." 
Anytime you need to know about the weather, give me a shout and I'll check in with my knee for you. 

Stop that laughter...I don't find this at all funny.


  1. Welcome to the club. I'm a member too.

    1. Thanks for the welcome, but I really wasn't interested in joining this particular club. I guess I'd better make the most of it....since it seems I'm in good company.

  2. Oh gosh - you led me on....I always do too much over the weekend and then lie there in my recliner on Sunday night complaining. It is a regular occurance. I wouldnt say it has anything to do with the weather.

    1. Don't be fooled, I get the working too hard in the garden aches too, but being a member of this club doesn't seem to have any privileges except the weather forecasting bonus points, no discounts, no special travel miles.....nada.

  3. Well I do have an arthritic knee (caused not so much by gardening but by the fact that I used to fence - with a sword not a large post-hammer) and it is completely non-weather-responsive. Anyway you're not even starting to think about being old. Wait until your my age and then you can start saying "In another 10 years or so when I get old". Despite my dear brother having been telling me for years that I'm 'nearly 70' I can assure you that 70 is the new 60.

  4. PS I'm sorry about your knee. I got carried away.

    1. Wow, seventy is the new 60...I've sure got a lot to look forward to. I may have to start taking some form of joint supplement to keep my knees operating on a 40 year old


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