Monday, 24 March 2014

Yesterday Sunday

Sunday, for me, is usually a quiet and restful day, but yesterday I was busy as a bee working outdoors.
I found myself painting and cleaning and doing quite a few maintenance jobs in the area outside of my kitchen door.  Photos will follow in another post, but rest assured it was a project that was long overdue.
During the morning I did take a break to prepare Sunday lunch, since daughter dear was at home.

Whole wheat chowmein noodles, along with soya protein granules, bok choy, bora bora beans and a tin of peas and carrots.

The stir-fry medley

Everybody in the pan
When everything was finished cooking, it was all mixed together with the al dente whole wheat chowmein.

Fried plantains were a great accompaniment
Veggie Chowmein stir-fry with granburger and a tad of gravy, plantains, cucumber and cole slaw.
Served on what I refer to as a "portion control" plate, since I don't like to cover the floral pattern on the plate, there is less food on the plate.....I don't eat that much anyway.
Lunch was tasty, but as soon as I was finished, it was back outside to work some more on my project.
A project that will take a while since the product takes two weeks to dry thoroughly before it can be painted. 
Can you wait that long to find out????


  1. Just have to wait won't we? I often use Quorn which is a mycoprotein not soya but it's a bit tasteless unless you flavour it with something. It's not available in many countries although I've used in in the UK for years. This year it arrived in NZ much to my delight.

  2. I have not tried Quorn as yet, but I do like the soya granburger, cous cous and Quinoa.
    If they're well flavoured they're quite tasty. Some of my friends think they're eating minced beef when I prepare a dish until I tell them it's otherwise.

  3. Sounds like you've been busy!! I'm not a vegetarian although I don't eat much meat, either. But I'd have a hard time giving it up completely. We buy our meat straight off the farm. Looking forward to seeing what you've been up to! :o)

    1. I have been busy, I want to finish off a few outdoor projects before our April showers come in.
      To be honest sometimes I do have tiny samples of chicken or fish with my meals.


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