Friday, 21 March 2014

Another new friend

Well what do you know, I've just realised that an entire week has gone by since my last post.  How on earth did that happen?
I have been working hard trying to complete a few chores that were left over from the spring pressure washing the two roof decks upstairs.  It seems as if the dreadful black mould grows more vicious every year.
Remember I told you I was in the market for a pressure washer...well I've had my new friend for over three months now and I'm very pleased with its performance.

I spent two days working on the decks.....not entire days mind you, since I couldn't complete the job the first day because my neighbour who sleeps late, had his laundry on the line (I think he washed the night before).  I could have just as easily finish the job off on day one, but it meant I would have dirtied his laundry hanging on his line when the debris was flying all over from the pressure washing.  It doesn't matter that he moved into the neighbourhood and does not speak to anyone, I couldn't find myself being that bad minded, so I put off finishing the job until yesterday.

Early Wednesday morning was the first day on the job.

The hose needed to reach the upper level, so a knot was placed on the end and thrown up on to the roof deck.

 I had to make sure that the hose was connected properly to the washer by squeezing the trigger to make sure the water was flowing steadily.
 The deck is pretty big , and my extension cord came in quite handy for making the connection to the electrical socket.
 The job to be completed is the large black square at the top right which overlooks my neighbour's back yard.

Getting it all off.

Naturally after completing the decks, I figured I may as well give the upstairs patio and the driveway a once over as know how that goes.....then it was the front inside wall....and then the walkway at the side of the house where I fell back in 2012 because of the same slippery mould.....won't be happening this year's all clean thanks to my new friend.
 Karcher electric high pressure washer

Designed  especially for our local power supply which happens to be 110V (50 Hz).

It was a tiring day, (my back could tell the tale) but my friend Paul passed by, and when he saw me working so hard he brought me lunch from his lunch was a kind and thoughtful gesture....thanks Paul!!


  1. I can't remember (or I don't want to remember) what life was like before power washers. Mine in Eagleton is the same make: they are very good. It's very satisfying when the deck or concrete looks lovely and clean.

    1. Having my own pressure washer now will certainly make life easier.
      For such a small gadget, it works incredibly well....I'm really impressed.

  2. Oh a pressure washer has been on my wish list for a long time.....I scrubbed my paving stones with bleach over the weekend, but think they need more than that.

    1. I have been needing a pressure washer for a long time. I read online that vinegar was the correct thing to use for the mould....when I sprayed it on, you could actually hear the mould (a living organism) crying out in agony as it was killed. I used that method first and then the pressure washer to wash it all off and away.

  3. Cleaning has always been a big challenge for many, especially if it involves cleaning the a house's exterior (roof, deck, etc.). It was a good thing that you were able to buy a pressure washer. That will surely help you finish those cleaning chores with less effort. Cheers!

    Rudy Swanson @ Haaker


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