Saturday, 22 March 2014

Me and my new Puppy

Last Saturday, Mum went to her old school's Flea Market and brought me a new friend.....his name is Puppy.
After I tried unsuccessfully to bite his plastic button nose off, Mum became worried that it may come apart in my mouth so she cut it off and stitched it back up.
 Here we are enjoying the breeze wafting through the front door.

 His head makes a good pillow for my after lunch siesta

 I have no idea why this photo looks like there is green mould on the wall by my water bowl...Mum keeps the house clean.

Monkee and my other friends are having a siesta too.
I like how the curtain blows across my face as it moves to and fro in the and fro in the and fro in......and fro in the the breeze......
I'm dozing off, catch up with you next time.


  1. You tease. I thought Brownie had a new little brother or sister, not a new toy for a second.
    Missy says that's a perfect spot for a rest. Not only do you get a cool breeze but you can see if Mum tries to leave through the doorway.

    1. Sorry, but Brownie does not have a little brother or sister to keep his company, what he does have is another large female dog coming around to check him out, but only briefly. She was pretty too....white with brown patches, and I see her hanging out in the village downhill from mine.
      I think it's his Blogland fame that these females are coming after.

  2. I would have commented earlier but I got hypnotised and fell asleep. It's not, of course, mould. It's photographic 'noise'.

    1. The photographic noise is the price I pay for not buying new batteries for my camera and using my cellphone to take photos for the past month.
      Thanks for mentioning the "mould", I type so fast sometimes, I corrected the error.

  3. What are some really cool dog names? Most of us here prefer unique names that you don't see too often, but one that has a cool meaning behind it.


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