Saturday, 21 June 2014

A day of sales

Usually on Saturdays, I have my jaunt path all planned out, so that I can move out early and bob and weave to each venue in a chronological time frame, and make it back home by lunchtime.
Today however, several events coincided with each other time wise and I had to compute times and navigate routes just like an airplane pilot to make sure I was where I should be at the correct I still had to run my regular errands in between.   

My first stop was an hotel sale with quite a few items to choose from.  A quick scout around and I was able to get away and make it to my next stop in a  timely manner.
At the garden centre of the hardware store, I bought some romaine lettuce seedlings and some Demon pesticide which I was out of.  I needed to spray the property since we now have not only dengue to worry about but also the dreaded chikungunya which is another mosquito-borne illness that has just raised its ugly head in the Caribbean.

Car Boot and Tent Sale
Moving right along, my next stop was a car boot and tent sale on the grounds of the Ursuline Convent School. My girlfriend had a stall for the day with lots of lovely items.  She gave me a great discount, and I came away happy after chatting with her for a while in between her many customers.

I had promised my friend who owns a nursery the polyscia cuttings, so off I headed in that direction to the interior of the island.
I took a few photos while I was there.  He too was having problems with the drought and the water restrictions.
 Very hot and humid conditions, but some plants are still thriving.

Vivid red hibiscus

Dwarf white variegated bougainvillea
One of these beauties will be coming home with me next time when they are ready for sale.
I also loved this delicate green ground cover.
You can see the midday heat appearing in these photos.
The plants are hanging on....I hope we get some decent rainfall soon.

I had originally purchased the remaining stock of polyscias from my friend last year, and I had promised him to return with some cuttings.....which he was happy to receive to replenish his stock.

On the way home, two more sales caught my eye, and I stopped off to have a look around.  A quick trip to the supermarket to purchase a few needed items was next on the agenda.  By then it was quite late, and I had to hustle my butt home to feed you know who.

Phew......what an incredible day.....I'm exhausted all over again just writing about it!!!


  1. I'd never heard of chikungunya. It looks horrible.There are advantages to living here in the wet and windy North of Scotland! I think, too, I shall stop complaining about the midges! You certainly had a busy day. That's one think about being retired: we have time to have busy days.

    1. I will be writing a post of chikungunya soon. When I first heard about it, I was horrified to hear that it had already taken the lives of a few people in the Caribbean, but yet we were now being made aware of its presence on the island.
      It's another health issue I need to be cognisant of that's for sure.
      I love my busy retired days......a whole lot.


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