Monday, 9 June 2014

Strangers in the night


A few Saturdays ago I purchased a few more baby seedlings to add to my expanding kitchen garden at the side of the house.

 Bok Choy
I love bok choy, and I planted them in anticipation of enjoying some stir-frys and veggie lasagnes.
Apparently someone else was also waiting in anticipation.
A few days after planting I noticed that some of the leaves were chewed off, and I was not pleased. I searched and searched for the culprit but none could be found.
Last night Brownie and I were outside for his last pit stop before bed.  Luckily I had taken my torch with its bright LED bulbs which illuminated the garden as if it were day.
Lo and behold, what did I see?
I keep a handy salt shaker for the garden and it was put to very good use.

Took care of those bok choy munchers.
How dare they?  Doing their damage in the dead of night may have been a clever plan.....but even the best laid plans.....can unravel in a minute.
Sayonara slugs and slugettes.......


  1. Glad you caught those nasty things.... Bok choy grows very well in my garden and I threw out a bunch of seeds, so i have a huge patch, but somehow am able to keep up.

    1. Check out my follow-up post...they outsmarted me.
      Wow how are you going to eat all that bok choy...are you sharing with your friends and workmates?

  2. That'll teach 'em. Hope they get the message and none of their friends come to attack your plants.

    1. Before they expired, I think they sent out a distress signal to their friends who came by and ate more of my leaves.
      See my follow-up post.

  3. The ever-present battle with nature.

  4. Battle Royale if ever there was a garden version.


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