Tuesday, 10 June 2014

In your face!!

In your face!!!
That's exactly what those cunning slugs or whatever other critter must have been saying to themselves last night as they munched away at my bok choy. 
Obviously, I did not find all of the munching culprits like I thought I did, and so when I awoke this morning, this is what I found.

Baby Bok Choy leaves eaten to shreds.

Leaving a "calling card" piece on the ground purposely it seems.  They've got some nerve!!!
I can almost see those critters fist pumping and shouting....In Your face!!!
Wheel and come again girlfriend!!!(*)

Brownie heard my cry of dismay, and he started to help me look for the perps....but found nothing.
Well tonight is another night....I shall be out and about with my torch seeking them out.
In the meanwhile I trimmed off some of the intact leaves...I will make a veggie stir-fry tomorrow.
(*) Wheel and come again = slang for you've got to do it again/rethink it.


  1. Put out a dish of cheap beer and they'll die drunk and happy. :o)

    1. I think I just may try this method if I don't catch the remaining critters....thanks.
      Hope Brownie doesn't like beer.....

  2. Hey! I was going to tell you the same thing as the commenter above! This is what my husband did when we were bothered by slugs...he dug a small hole to place a coffee jar lid and put it where it was just level with the ground...poured beer into the lid and then, the slugs fell in and drowned in the beer! I have told people this before and they thought I was kidding, but my husband really did this and it works!

    1. It sounds crazy but I'm willing to try anything....thanks Kay.

  3. Slugs don't attack my salad stuffs. Come to think of it I don't grow any. That's one problem fewer for me.

    1. Lucky you....this is the first time that I am growing bok choy so it's a learning experience for me.
      It seems like I'm dealing with some kind of worm, since the nibbles are quite small now....wish me luck that I find the critter soon.


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