Friday, 20 June 2014

The Polyscias

Well guess what....we did have a decent rain shower yesterday, and seeing the garden glistening with raindrops got me all excited.
Today, I decided it was time to trim back the polyscia shrubs outside along the front wall.

With the drought that we were experiencing for the last several weeks, I was doing my darndest to keep them alive.  It's my new hedge that I'm creating, and the poor things have been suffering through, but thank goodness hanging on.
Yes, that is my brown crispy lawn, it looks terrible, but what can I do....we are under water restrictions, so no lawn watering.  I do however try to keep my shrubs and veggie garden alive.

Okay, so back to trimming the polyscias....I had already trimmed back the first four plants, but when I arrived at the fifth plant, to my surprise there was a small nest in the uppermost branches, probably a sparrow's nest.
It's amazing how I had missed seeing it before, although maybe not, since I was watering at night to avoid "the nosey eyes" of my neighbours.

I carefully inspected the nest, but no eggs could be seen, and no nearby birds hovered around either.
I decided to go ahead and trim it off as planned.

Even though the nest looked unused, I still felt guilty, so I decided to reposition it on the undergrowth of the golden palms that run alongside the front patio.
I tied it securely amidst the palm fronds where I'm sure that it will be found if needed.

The cuttings will be dropped off for my plant nursery friend tomorrow.

As for the bok choy, I still haven't found that munching critter as yet.

Look at that BIGG hole in my leaf.....what a nerve!!!
They seem to be munching my horehound herb plant as well......what a freaking nerve!!!
I hope I find that critter soon.  My other gardening buddies have all advised me to look for a worm (caterpillar or moth) in between the leaves, but I have not found any.
Woe betide when I find it.


  1. I'm glad that you got some of that much-needed rain. It always amazes me how nests can hide away in seemingly obvious places.

    1. I was totally surprised when I saw the nest, since I should have noticed it before, especially where it was located. The birds are quite clever about hiding in plain sight.


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