Sunday, 1 June 2014

One man's trash...... another man's treasure.

One morning recently while walking the back garden, I discovered that Brazen or one of his crew had discarded a half-eaten mango under the Lakeview Jasmine.

I placed it on the concrete garden bench for the birds to enjoy.

Brownie was thinking he should have some too, but I told him it was for the birds to enjoy. 

He obediently left it alone.

Over the days that followed, many birds like sparrows and yellow breasts came by to dine at the mango cafe........the contents of which were well enjoyed.
No fighting, no squabbling....just contentedly eating and giving each other a chance to partake in a peaceful manner.
......pity I did not capture those photos.
Guess who else liked the mango cafe?
I saw this guy lunching there as well.

Our local green anole

There isn't much left now and the contents are dry like a well-preserved fruit slice.

Brownie did not pay any attention to the lizard snacking nearby.
Instead he preferred to focus his attention on the presence of two rough-neck pigeons that reside on my neighbour's house down the hill....they were in the garden munching the leftovers I had placed there for the smaller birds.
Brownie was not at all pleased.  He doesn't mind me sharing his leftovers with the smaller birds but the bigger rogues, he chases them away.
Maybe it was a good thing the smaller birds had their own exclusive mango cafe after all!


  1. The Mango Café. I like that name. As for the anole with his black eye I wonder what quirk of genetic evolution that is catering for.

    1. The anole's eyes are definitely black, which may help him to see better in the sun and heat that we have here.

    2. Thanks Virginia. Everything has a reason. It's just a matter of knowing what that reason is.

  2. That's one well-behaved dog who can resist his favourite food when told to leave it to the birds!

    1. Yes, he is a good boy. I have never raised my voice ta him and he listens if I calmly say to him..."No."
      I can never understand parents who shout and scream at their kids just to communicate with really isn't necessary.


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