Saturday, 14 June 2014

What a pity

Today I thought I would attend an auction sale held in the north of the island.  An apartment complex was being sold to make way for another investor to take over the property...only thing is they are not interested in the building at all, just the land.  
It is my understanding that the property may just be used as a lawn by the business investor which has purchased the land.
So come next week, the wrecking crew will arrive and it will be no more.

 It had been closed up for some time.......

 .....and had fallen into disrepair.

 What was once a captivating beauty.......

 sadly...........will no longer be around to admire.


 With structural damage evident in some areas.....

  I wondered why it was allowed to sit for so long unattended and unloved, gasping for just a little care.....

......until it couldn't hang on anymore.

What a darn pity.
N.B. No I did not stick around for the sale.  I heard from my friends afterwards that the prices were skyrocket high.....too rich for my blood.


  1. This is a shame. And not only for the building itself but also for all the trees and flowers, you know they will be destroyed as well. I am reminded of reading that in South Africa when land is to be developed that they have people who walk over the land and dig up all that they can and relocate it somewhere else. I love that idea!

    1. I love the idea of relocating trees and other plants when redeveloping. I may have to find out what's happening with the beautiful shrubs on the property and see if at least some of them can be rescued....thanks Kay.

  2. Sometimes just looking at things from a distance (or through the camera) can be deceptive, I suppose... (not always giving us "the whole picture" so to speak) I like Kay's idea of preserving the plants, though!

    1. I will definitely check out whether the plants can be rescued by my plant loving buddies.

  3. I think the plant rescue proposals are a really good idea. I hope they come to fruition.

    1. Today is "the day" for removal, and I'm sorry to say that neither me nor my plant buddies could get there in time to rescue a few of the ill-fated plants...what a pity.


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