Monday, 2 June 2014

Where the heck did last week go to?

If it's one thing we can be sure of, is that life is made up of ups and downs, ebbs and flows, good and bad events.
We've got to learn to roll with the punches.

During the week, I had placed an order for a length of purpleheart wood from my favourite hardware/lumber store.
It was delivered while I was not at home, and when I saw it on my front porch, my heart was the crappiest piece of wood that I had ever seen.

I was appalled, especially since I had paid for delivery....let me explain.
This store was my favourite because they had free delivery island wide as well as next day delivery.
When I placed my order I realised that a delivery fee was tacked on to the bill, and I queried it, and was told that it was recently implemented.  It would have been nice if the customers had been told beforehand, but it is what it is. I will still be doing business with the company since they have a knowledgeable and well mannered service staff.

Now you can understand more clearly why I was more upset at the presence of this dirty, ugly, scrappy, mouldy piece of wood.
Called the company up and spoke to a very nice supervisor who indicated that I could go to the store's main lumberyard and "choose my wood"....... (take your mind out of the know who you are).

This I did, and was helped by an even nicer young lady, Karon, who took it upon herself to seek out a nice clean straight cut of wood.  As if this wasn't enough when I had made my choice, she hefted it on to her shoulder, and said, "Follow me."
I obediently walked in her footsteps back to the front of the lumberyard where she added my details, and told me not to worry, it would be delivered next day.
I was impressed with her pleasant demeanour and sensible work ethic, and her customer "care."

Next thing on Thursday, my cable box started to behave as if possessed by a gremlin....signal strength weak and no picture on the tv screen.
Checked out my coaxial cable running from the satellite dish and realised it needed to be was brittle and cracked in several places.  The lnb had no corrosion, but after installing new cable the problem still persisted.
Dropped the cable box off to my techie friend who diagnosed that I needed a new power supply.
New power supply purchased and it was back in business.

I am never able to forget that I live in an old house, because the house makes sure that I am always aware of this fact.
The bath upstairs needs to be refurbished and I had been meaning to get around to it.  As if not wanting to be left out of the "fixit" equation, said bath decided to act up a couple of days ago.
Off to my favourite tile store owned and operated by a nice family.  A special on selected tiles was being held...... lots of beautiful tiles....I didn't know what on earth to choose, but choose I did.

That bathroom project will be started shortly.

Saturday was my regular jaunt day.  I had been looking forward to an advertised hotel sale, but when I got there nothing.....not one single thing took my fancy.  Feeling a bit disappointed I headed to a popular month-end flea market which saved the day.  The vendors there really know what a flea market is all about, and after a little haggling came away with great bargains, including non GMO soya milk at a ridiculous savings price.

My girlfriend had brought me a soursop and some mangoes.....soooooo....drum roll please......
I made soursop ice cream, this time using the soya milk.
It was creamy and flavourful and extremely yummy.

Couldn't forget you know who.
You know it's yummy if you have to lie down comfortably to enjoy the goodness.
Brownie and I had mango for breakfast.

 Sunday lunch....shepherd's pie with Rice pelaf and steamed veggies and a tossed salad.
 Wow, I can't believe we are already into the month of June....the weeks continue to travel merrily along.


  1. And I'm still wondering what the purple heart plank of wood was for. One gets days and weeks like that. I've just lost a day trying to get my emails sorted. Patience. Patience.

    1. The purpleheart wood is to replace the countertop trim in the upstairs kitchen...another upcoming project on the horizon.
      My email inbox is out of whack for the longest while...over 400 emails not even opened yet....shame on me.


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