Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Pancakes all around

This morning, breakfast was a sit down affair at the kitchen table.  Usually I have my breakfast of juice and fruit while sitting at my computer clearing emails and reading my favourite blogs from all over the world.
Today was different however, I had a hankering for problem.....there is always some kind of quick pancake mix and syrup in the pantry for times like these.

A couple of minutes later breakfast was coming along nicely.

Apparently Brownie had a hankering for pancakes too.

The small one was made specially for him........

....cut into several pieces and placed in his breakfast bowl.

No looking up until it's all gone and the bowl is licked amazingly clean.
If I didn't know any better, that mournful look would certainly fool me.

"I can't believe all I'm getting is one small measly pancake."
"Maybe if I nudge her foot, she'll send some more my way."

Just then the vet called to check in on Mr. BrownBerts.....medication is finished and he has only had a few episodes (maybe two or three times a day) since.
"I am giving him an internal cleansing," I tell the vet.
"What does that entail?" he asks me.
"Just a small dose of cleansing herb tea every morning....I don't want him to be on drugs....I do believe his body needs a good cleansing," I reply.
"So what has he been eating?" he asks.
"Oh know......stuff he loves....."


  1. ha ha it seems as if bending the rules every now and then is allowed..

    1. Isn't that what the song says..."Rules are meant to be broken...."

  2. Missy would have been giving me the same look. People food is always the best. I'm glad he's on the mend. Hopefully no long-term effects.

    1. They have got "the look" covered don't they?
      I'm keeping a close eye on him.....he is still having a few episodes a day but for shorter 2 seconds.

  3. My dogs would love to live with you! I rarely give them people food, except for veggies and a bit of bread. They would love a pancake, but then again, so would I. Off to mix up a batch! :o) I hope Brownie is feeling better soon. Is he having seizures?


    1. Brownie does get some of our "people food" know just a wee taste.
      I don't trust the dog foods too much with the so-called good ingredients, so I cook his meals.
      He is having some kind of cute rolling around on his back itchy back seizure about three times a day.
      It lasts for only 3 seconds, but I'm keeping a careful watch on him.

  4. 'Healthy eating' is a bit strange sometimes. I eat lots of salad stuff and then put salad cream on it! I was pretty strict with Big Puss though. No human food other than fish and chicken. Never anything sweet. I never tried him on vegetables. He lived into his mid-teens (human ones) and only saw the vet for his jabs as a younger cat.

    1. I cook Brownie's lunch every day since I have no trust in the commercial dog foods.
      I do sneak him a piece of some little treat now and then.....he also loves cheese.
      I like the name "Big Puss."


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